Redskins Week 6 Review – Player ratings Vs Jets

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Oct 18, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets safety Marcus Gilchrist (21) intercepts a pass intended for Washington Redskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder (80) during the third quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Five Thoughts from the game:

1. This game was lost the second that Kirk Cousins got suckered into an INT by Darrelle Revis. The Redskins had just let up a tying score and needed to show that they weren’t dependent on turnovers by the defense for any offensive points(something that they never showed).

Cousins made a horrible throw that not even Gruden can defend and put it right in front of the best CB of this generation. Post game, Jay Gruden just called it a bad decision by Cousins which is amazing considering his never ending defense of Cousins

Cousins then followed this up with a 3 and out then another INT with one of the worst throws he’s made as a QB.

Gruden was happy to blame something else for the INT, hinting that it was windy in the Meadowlands and that was to blame for the INT.

The Redskins now are 0-10 in games where he’s thrown more than 1 INT. And more ominously for Cousins, Gruden used the same terminology(“it’s our intent to play Cousins“) regarding Cousins‘ job as he did right before he benched RG3 last season.

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2. Even though Gruden claimed in his post game presser that “Cousins is the best option at starting QB that the Redskins have” it’s time to make a change at QB. Cousins just isn’t improving at all and is reverting back to his 2013/2014 form as a passer.

It’s Colt time. He’s not going to light up the scoreboards, but he’s far less likely to make as many mistakes as Kirk is prone to and perhaps if they can get the running game sparked they might be able to get somewhat back on track as a team.

If Colt can’t hack it, and he repeats his form from the late 2014 season then the Redskins probably need to bite the bullet and sign another QB if they’re determined not to play RG3 under any circumstances.

3. Speaking of the running game: is it in witness protection? Did Shawn Lauvao mean this much to the power running game that was working in the first 3 games of the season?

And what has happened to Alfred Morris? He’s gone from a guaranteed 1000 yard rusher to a guy who’s on pace for less than 800 yards on the season. It’s hard to believe that the offensive line injuries explain it all, he looks tentative in the cut and hole.

This is all the more reason to give Matt Jones the ball far more, especially he’s going to continue to average less than 2 yards a carry-which he has for 2 games straight.

4. In a perverse sort of way, the Jets confirmed how important Keenan Robinson is now to the success of the defense. They successfully neutralized him by putting two blockers on him-often two offensive linemen.

And the defense’s performance showed how much this mattered. The Jets ran the ball for over 200 yards with a 5.4 yards per carry average. 

More distressing is how impotent that the Redskins‘ defense looked. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t known as a running threat nor as a quality passer. Rewtching his performance against the Redskins, one would think that he was a premium Qb in the league who can be a threat with his legs.

5. It’s now a fair question: when is Gruden’s job in jeopardy? With the bye week looming and another game against one of the dregs of the league from 2014 coming, if the Redskins struggle badly again does Allen/McCloughan/Snyder decide that Gruden is the problem and put Callahan in charge?

Reportedly, Dan Snyder left his box in New York before the end of the game. Also reportedly, he was seen to be furious about the performance against the Jets. It is sort of Snyder’s call, but probably Bruce Allen’s call on the future of Gruden.

The Bucs game is the last game for almost 6 weeks where the Redskins could even be favored. They have the Pats, Giants, Panthers, Saints and Cowboys coming so if the Redskins go 0-6 in their next 6 games it probably should be curtains for Gruden in DC.

Overtime: Stat of the season for the team? They’ve been outscored 46-3 in the 3rd quarter this season.

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