Redskins: Trending up, Trending Down – Week 6

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Trending Down: Kirk Cousins, QB

Kirk Cousins has had some good moments this season.  He gets the ball out of his hands quickly, he’s been accurate the vast majority of the time and show proficiency in running Jay Gruden’s offense.

But with all of those good things, there’s one thing that Kirk Cousins still doesn’t seem to know how to overcome and that’s throwing interceptions.  Yes, he hasn’t played much but he’s no rookie.  Is it too much to ask of a quarterback to throw more TD passes than interceptions?

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It’s no accident that the Redskins record reflects Kirk Cousins performance.  In the games where he’s thrown interceptions the Redskins have lost and in the games where he hasn’t thrown interceptions the Redskins have won.

I acknowledge that the Redskins top deep threat DeSean Jackson hasn’t really played at all this season due to a hamstring injury so that right there will give Cousins more time.  I’m sure Gruden wants to see what Cousins can do with a full assortment of weapons in the passing game.

But it seems every other game Cousins’ play drops after a good one, so maybe he’s due for a good performance in week 6 against a tough Jets defense.  We’ll see.

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