Redskins Grades: Kirk Cousins vs the Atlanta Falcons

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The Second Quarter

Morris runs for three yards on first down. Thompson splits out wide to the right and Cousins throws to him on a stop route but he is stopped after a three yard gain that is just a yard short of the first down. Cousins gets the one yard on a quarterback sneak to give the Redskins a first down at the nine yard line. +3pts.

Morris again runs on first down for just two yards. On second down, Cousins has Garcon open in the end zone on a slant but throws too high as the pass sails over Garcon’s outstretched hands. Mark Bullock had an excellent article for the Washington Post on Cousins’ bad mechanics and mentioned this pass as an example of his struggles. Cousins recovers on third down and hits Carrier for a seven yard touchdown. +2pts.

Atlanta gets a field goal on their ensuing drive and the Redskins have a 7-3 lead. Cousins comes out throwing but misses high on a slant to Garcon. Cousins has Jones open on second down but is flustered by the pass rush and throws incomplete with a late pass. With a third and ten, Cousins throws a wide receiver screen to Crowder who eludes two quick tackle attempts and wiggles through the defense for 14 yards and a first down. +1pt.

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The Falcons continue to stuff the Redskins running game stopping Jones for no gain. Cousins throws wide and outside to Garcon as he turns inside on a seven yard stop route. Cousins makes his first big mistake on third down as he throws behind and high to Garcon who is open on an 18 yard in route in front of Alford. Garcon gets his hands on the ball as he stops and falls but bats the ball up and into the hands of Alford for an interception. -3pts.

The Redskins force a fumble and recover the football on the Falcons following series. Cousins throws a short out to Thompson for 5 yards. Cousins throws another out to Thompson to the opposite side but the ball is knocked loose for an incomplete pass. On third down Ryan Grant crosses the field and stops between the linebackers playing zone but Cousins throws wild to his right and the pass is almost intercepted by the Falcons’ William Moore but falls incomplete. 0pts.

Cousins earns 3 points on 12 graded plays for a 0.25 rating for the second quarter.

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