Redskins: Could RGIII return as the starting QB?


Sep 3, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) looks on prior to the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins: Could RGIII return as the starting QB?

Well here we are again.  Just when it seemed that the questions at starting quarterback might be on the way to being answered, after the Washington Redskins 32-21 loss to the New York Giants the same questions about the quarterbacks are being asked again.

At the start of the season head coach Jay Gruden tried to put any quarterback controversy to rest by saying that the Redskins were Kirk Cousins team.  And while Cousins said the confidence that Gruden showed in him made a huge difference to him, it doesn’t seem like it has in his play.

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After three games Kirk Cousins still has thrown more interceptions (4) than touchdown passes (3) and that’s a problem because if Cousins is really the best QB on the team, you would think he would have been solved it by now.

Jay Gruden continues to defend Cousins’ play, saying that he understands what Cousins is trying to do but at this point Gruden can’t be fully pleased with what he’s seen from Cousins on the field and it’s not really much of a debate that Cousins isn’t playing well.

So if Cousins continues to throw picks, what’s Jay Gruden’s next move?  Does he turn to Colt McCoy, who currently listed as the backup QB or does he give Robert Griffin III another crack at being the starter?

Yes, I know it’s only been three games but the question has to be asked.  Gruden made it seem as though Cousins would have the chance to start the whole season but he can’t allow Cousins to continue to play if the turnovers continue.

That is unless Gruden see’s his tenure as head coach tied directly to how Cousins performs and he’s going to ride or die with him no matter what.  It kind of seems like Gruden is just hell-bent on Cousins being his guy.

If not then why didn’t Colt McCoy get more consideration to be the starter?  Could Cousins have really been that much better than McCoy during the offseason?  And what of Griffin?  Is the door open for him to get another crack at starting?

At this point, I don’t think it is.  If another quarterback plays in place of Kirk Cousins, I think it will be Colt McCoy.  There’s always a chance that Griffin could be re-inserted and his play could improve.  He does still possess great physical gifts.

But RGIII has been inactive the first three games of the season so far and I think that’s telling.  The Redskins simply don’t want to risk him getting injured and being on the hook for $16 million next year due to them picking up his fifth year option.

The best case scenario is for Kirk Cousins to play better but there’s no guarantee he will.  However, I think before Gruden makes a move at QB he’ll wait to see how Cousins does with DeSean Jackson back in the lineup from his hamstring injury.

If Cousins doesn’t improve after that then I look for Colt McCoy to take over as the starter just like he did last season and not RGIII.  What do you think?  If Cousins continues to falter should Robert Griffin III get another shot?

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