Redskins Player to Watch Vs Giants – Kirk Cousins


Sep 25, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) looks up at the scoreboard against the New York Giants in the third quarter at FedEx Field. The Giants won 45-14. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins: Is Kirk Cousins ready for prime time?

Why you need to Watch him

It’s been a while since the Washington Redskins have had a quarterback who played consistently good football.  A quarterback that you knew would have your team in the game and give them a chance to win every time he stepped on the field.

The Redskins have tried all manner of ways to try acquire that kind of quarterback.  They’ve used first round picks (Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell), They traded for Donovan McNabb, used a journeymen like Rex Grossman and they traded first round picks to draft Robert Griffin III but none of that has worked.

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However, now that head coach Jay Gruden has committed to making Kirk Cousins the starting quarterback for the season, it seems the Redskins have another chance to find out of they have a quarterback who can give them the consistency they need at the position.

But up until recently consistency is not a trait that could be associated with Kirk Cousins.  There have been games where he’s looked really good and there have been games where he’s looked very bad.  Particularly in week three last season against the New York Giants.

It’s been well documented, the four interception game that started Cousins’ downward spiral last season.  But this season he claims to be a different player and so far he’s been more confident and has dealt with adversity better than he did in his previous stint as a starter.

Cousins has come up a few notches in two games and with the NFC East being wide open and the Redskins having a legitimate shot to make a move.  We need to see if he really is a different player or just the same old Kirk.

What to Watch for?

With the Redskins having the number rushing attack in the NFL the Giants defense will surely sell out to try to slow it down.  They will commit more players to that endeavor with eight man fronts and challenge Kirk Cousins to have beat them through the air.

This a tactic that pretty much every team they face will dare the Redskins to try to do this season.  So at some point Kirk Cousins will need to show that he can maintain his composure and make the right decisions under pressure.

He failed to do that at the same time against the same team last season and we’ll see if he can do it against the Giants.  Once again all eyes will be on Kirk Cousins to see if he can be the quarterback the Redskins have been looking for?

He’s got more talent around him, a great running game and strong defense so it’s not all on him to get this win.  But Cousins can’t fold under the pressure and turn the ball over like did last season.  If he can do that then he just may help the Redskins get a win tonight against the Giants.

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