John Riggins obliterated the Redskins during radio appearance (Audio)


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Washington Redskins great and Pro Football Hall of Famer John Riggins was a guest on Chad Dukes Versus the World on 106.7 The Fan last Friday and was very blunt and honest when evaluating his former team.

First of all, Riggins thinks the Redskins need to change the name of their stadium.

“I think, really, when you get right down to it, Chad, I’ve thought this through and it’s been going on for so long, they really do need to change the name. There’s just no other way around this. I know this is gonna catch you off guard, and I’m sure, maybe, some of the people listening.

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“But I’m not talking about the nickname. I’m talking about the name of the stadium, because my thinking is–and it can only be this way–that Mr. [Jack Kent] Cooke was probably messing around with the occult right before he passed away.

“I’ve got to believe that there’s a curse he put on the team right before he passed away, when they changed the name of the stadium from Jack Kent Cooke Stadium to FedExField, because its been following them now for what? 15? Almost 20 years?”

“That’s what it appears to be. You honestly can’t make this stuff up.”

Riggins even talked about Donald Trump.

“I’ve got to ask you this question, because you may be a little bit political with all of the things that are going on. But when Donald Trump talks about the stupidity and incompetence in Washington, is he talking about Congress, or is he talking about this football franchise? I don’t know. I’m confused, I mean, I’m thoroughly confused.”

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Riggins compared Robert Griffin III to Heath Shuler.

“There’s something going on in a parallel universe and we have no idea. It can’t continue on–it just never stops. At times last night, for very brief moments while Griffin was in there, I mean…I was thinking Heath Shuler there for a while.

“What has changed there? I mean, it’s really almost…you can get really depressed if you think about it too much.

“That’s what I’m doing, is trying to look at it on the light side of things. I think really, when it gets down to it, it gets down to what Colonel Nathan Jessup said [in] A Few Good Men: I want answers, I want the truth. They can’t handle the truth.”

Riggo even brought Hiliary Clinton into the conversation.

“What is the truth? What really is going on that we don’t know about, behind closed doors? Because what you see on the field, there’s something that’s not adding up here.

“You see what you see last night at the end of the game, with Jay Gruden still referencing that if [Griffin]’s healthy, he’s still our starter. And you’ve got to be going, ‘Really?’ I mean, you tell me. I don’t know. We don’t have the answers, and it would be almost–it almost feels like Hillary Clinton could be involved in this somehow. I don’t know. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

“I’m feeling political today, Chad.”

Riggins talked about history repeating itself.

“Based on everything that’s happened, it’s almost like everybody needs a fresh start. Unfortunately, it appears that this hasn’t worked out, but the more you force it, the more difficult it becomes. And the harder and more bizarre it becomes. I think the credibility just keeps eroding, constantly, with this franchise.

“What really is going on here? Are they telling us the truth about the injuries? Who knows. That’s a very evasive injury to begin with, because you have to rely on what you’re being told by the person that sustained the injury.

“There’s many different ways that you can parse that and different scenarios that happen. But sometimes, somebody makes a bad play and you’re embarrassed. You just fumbled the ball, you’re getting sacked, and are you basically wanting out of the game at that point? Basically, you’re imploding in front of the few fans that were there and the people that were watching it on television, and you need a break. You need out. I mean, I don’t know, but it felt that way.

“It just seemed odd, and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way.”

You can listen to the entire interview right here.

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