RGIII isn’t Done, He’s Just Getting Started


Dec 28, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) celebrates from the field after Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson (not pictured) scores a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the first quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure many have read or heard about ESPN’s NFL Tier QB Rankings where Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was ranked very low and even behind some rookies, which I think is ridiculous.

Granted, RGIII hasn’t played very well the past few seasons and shouldn’t be ranked among the top-tier QB’s in the NFL but at this point he certainly should be ranked ahead of rookies like Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston who haven’t even taken a snap in the NFL yet.

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This is the basis I use for my Top 32 Redskins rankings.  Rookies need to earn that respect on the field first.  However, it comes as no surprise to me that ESPN continues to pile on the hate for Robert Griffin III.  They did it last season and in 2015 the hating continues.

They say they had insiders from NFL teams vote on the tier rankings and as usual anonymous sources are quoted and choose not to put their names behind the words.  One of these anonymous insiders, a coach who ranked Griffin as a Tier 5 QB had this to say:

"“Five, and there’s no coming back,” one offensive coach said. “He is done. The reason is, the injury slowed his legs, and his ego will not allow him to hit rock bottom and actually grind his way back up the right way.”"

So RGIII is done?  I beg to differ.  While I’ve been critical of Griffin myself at times, I still believe he has the talent to be a good quarterback.  Health has been an issue in his development and it will be crucial that he stays in the lineup this year.

The Redskins have bolstered the offensive line and brought in a QB coach in Matt Cavanaugh to help Griffin also.  I think RGIII lost some confidence last year after his dislocated ankle injury but he began to get some of it back late in the season.

In 2014 I saw a QB who came off an injury still didn’t have the offense down the way he needed to.  He was indecisive in the pocket and wasn’t finding open receivers.  But I think with more time in the system, these issues can be corrected and I think he will improve in using the talent around him.

Do I think Robert Griffin III will be a Tier 1 QB like an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady in 2015?  No, I don’t but Tier 2 or 3 is definitely attainable.  I would say he’s already in tier 3 and Griffin already has been up there in tier 1 and 2 as a rookie, so he can certainly do it again.

I would say he’s already in tier 3 and Griffin already has been up there in tier 1 and 2 as a rookie, so he can certainly do it again.

As for his ego, it’s one of the reasons he had one of the greatest rookie seasons a quarterback ever had and that’s the kind of confidence you want your QB to play with.  Not blind arrogance but that swagger he had as a rookie is what he needs right now.

He simply needs to tone the ego down while answering questions with the media.  That’s a big part of his game that needs to grow too but let’s face it, the top QB’s all have big egos.  It just doesn’t come across that way during press conferences.

I think RGIII has done a good job at keeping his name out of the media and away from twitter wars (atleast in recent months he has) and that’s one sign of growth.  So far I haven’t seen any rebuttals from RGIII about these rankings and that’s good too.

I’ve said it before, Robert Griffin III needs to let his play do the talking for him.  Don’t even respond to the nonsense, just use it as motivation.  Carry it as chip on your shoulder and let it help to make you better.

Continue to work hard, continue learning, practicing hard and eventually the rest will take care of itself.  So instead of it being over, this could be the start.  The Redskins don’t need RGIII to be Superman, they just need him to be an efficient quarterback and I think he will be.

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