Coach Jay Gruden and RGIII Finally on the Same Page


Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In order to have a successful season you have to improve what you were weak at the year before, that is really just common sense. So as of right now it appears that Coach Gruden and RGIII have decided to improve their relationship. 

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The two most important relationships on a team are 1) the owner, general manager and coach must all be on the same page and 2) the coach and the quarterback must be on the same page.  If all four of these people are on the same page and buying into the system, you have a starting recipe for success.

Whether they are doing this because they are genuinely starting to like each other or for selfish reasons such as to keep their job I don’t know and I don’t care, just as long as it works.

Some of the signs that are showing this new found partnerships are Coach Jay Gruden is tweaking his offense a little to fit more with RGIII’s style. Unlike last year where he put his system in place and said do it and in a way it set RGIII up to fail.

DeSean Jackson hinted that these changes were in fact happening and added that they are hoping these changes will get RGIII back to being RGIII. If he can get back to himself the comfort level will go up which in return will push his confidence.

The team feeds off the quarterback so with his confidence growing the teams’ confidence will grow. We all know that a confident football team is hard to take down, therefore we could expect a really good football team on that field this year.

Another noticeable sign of this growing relationship is Coach Jay Gruden appointing RGIII as the starter. To this day he is sticking behind RGIII and giving him praise which is something that was lacking last year. He was even quoted as saying that he expects big things from HIS young quarterback.

The question is will this relationship be sustained during the season when and if times get tough. If RGIII is pulled and benched this year you might as well trade him because you just benched his confidence as well.  That means he will not be effective and will not be able to play under Coach Gruden, but hey that is just my opinion.

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