Redskins, RG3 Need to Go on the Field and Have Fun


Aug 10, 2014; Richmond, VA, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) stands on the field during practice on day eighteen of training camp at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Robert Griffin III about the Redskins from Jeff Darlington, RG3 stated “this definitely is a very big year in my life”. Not only because of his contract situation and future with the Redskins, but also because his wife Rebecca is expected to deliver their first child next month. 

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Griffin stated that Scot McCloughan told him “I’m going to put the 10 best players around you to maximize your potential”. We have seen some great talent come to the Redskins and we will see even more come during the 2015 NFL Draft. The offensive line being the primary need, no matter what QB you have you cannot perform well unless the Offensive Line is executing.

The past year was not a fun year for the Redskins nor was the camaraderie there. They witnessed firsthand how Superbowl Champs practice when they were taking the field with the New England Patriots last year at training camp.

RG3 seems to have come to peace with everything and because of that he has a renewed sense of purpose and calmness about himself. RG3 said he needs to focus more on bonding with his teammates and having fun. He states that in college that was two important parts “having fun and putting in the work”.

He has been watching more film this offseason and studying tapes of Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. RG3 stated that he does not want to mimic them but see how they go about the game. After all they are the 3 most winning QB’s in the league. He wants to take what he sees in them and put it into his style and be himself with it.

The Redskins are expected to take every workout, every practice and every game very serious and do their job while executing every play. However, they should go out and have fun. We all know it is hard to have fun if you lose, so in order to have fun the Redskins need to find it in themselves to go out, have fun and win. Take one game at a time and whether you won or lost your last game, do not dwell on it because it is in the past.

Jeff Darlington said in the article that he noticed RG3 seems at peace. We should see this peace run down onto the other players.

If all this talk comes with action, we can expect to see a Redskins team sitting in a NFC East battle. A saying painted in the Redskins weight room says “Champions Do Extra” and extra we shall see.

We keep thinking that if we get this player or that player we will be set for a playoff run. Did we have those players in 2012? Did we expect to see a playoff run that year with what we had and with it being RG3’s first year? So why look at me funny when I say we can win the NFC east THIS YEAR. HTTR!!!

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