2015 NFL Draft: Is Garrett Grayson the Best QB?


Jan 24, 2015; Mobile, AL, USA; Quarterback Garrett Grayson of Colorado State (8) Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft may not be about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota at the quarterback position. Quarterback Garrett Grayson from Colorado State could very well be the better quarterback and the one most prepared for the NFL.

Garrett Grayson stands at 6’2” and 215 lbs and would be considered a pocket passer but can run to avoid a sack. He led Colorado State to a 10-3 record in 2014 and a bowl appearance. Grayson did not have a great supporting cast around him like Winston and Mariota had but still made things happen.

Between these three quarterbacks, Grayson is the only one that consistently improved in every single category year after year in college. Coach Jim McElwain from Colorado State was the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban at Alabama and knows how to make pro-style quarterbacks.

He ran a pro-style offense which puts Grayson ahead of Mariota on the learning curb in my opinion. If the Redskins want a quarterback this may be a better option. They can address a defensive end need in the first round and select Grayson in the second round.

I do believe Grayson will be gone in the later part of the first round or second round. Winston and Mariota are bigger names coming out of college but so was Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow. How well did they or are they performing in the NFL?

Truth be told no one can predict the future so this whole draft thing is just a big gamble. I just think a safe bet is on Grayson this year.

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Here are my reasons for saying that,

Winston may be a good NFL quarterback in his first year but his off field activities could do him in


Mariota will be great off the field but adjusting and transforming to an NFL quarterback may take time. Grayson will be great off the field and already knows the NFL quarterback position. When I say “off the field”, I mean the way they will represent their team during personal time.

Their maturity level I guess you could say. You have to be the opposite of Johnny Manziel when you enter and are in the league. Do you think Grayson would be a better option for the Redskins or should they even go after a quarterback in this year’s draft?

If they are trading Kirk Cousins, I think Grayson would be a great pickup. They need three quarterbacks and with RG3 prone to injuries and misfortune backups are needed. Colt McCoy, the current backup, has had very limited playing time in the past three years and has suffered his share of concussions.

That makes Grayson a more needed quarterback. If the Redskins selected a Mariota or Winston they would have more pressure on them to play them and bench RG3 for any mistake he made. I do not expect either of these quarterbacks to be available by the 5th pick.

I will say wherever Grayson goes he should be a valuable resource for the team and he will be a starting quarterback by his second year, not a backup. So again I ask, should the Redskins get a quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft? If so which one and why?

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