Redskins Kicker Kai Forbath Answers All


December 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins kicker Kai Forbath (2) kicks a field goal in the first half of the Washington Redskins game against the Dallas Cowboys at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins kicker Kai Forbath joined Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session Wednesday afternoon. Like most things related to Kai, it was quiet, polite, and down-to-earth. While it was not as exciting as chatting with, say, Chris Kluwe, it’s nice to know the Redskins have a kicker with a big heart and a small ego. Here are the “highlights” of the session:

Q: What’s your record long for a field goal? (practice included)

A: 72 in warmups in college against Arizona.

Wow. My personal best with no one else on the field is 34 yards. So, I can relate.

Q: How did it feel to have the ball from your record setting kick sent to the hall of fame?

A: It was an awesome feeling to have after my first season. Now i just have to find a way to get another ball in there!

Have RG3 sign one?

Q: My cousin is named Kai Cross. He was named after you. My family all lives in the Baltimore-DC beltways so our family is split between ravens and redskins fans. He was born to the redskins side of the family. I am supposed to have a question in here so I guess I will ask if you wear boxers or briefs

A: haha boxers

This was an obvious answer. Kickers need unobstructed leg motion that only boxers can provide. Kai needs to be able to swing free and easy!

Q: I’m not even a Washington fan but, your name has become a daily household name for my family. Instead of telling my son it’s time for his bath I yell “Kai Forbath”. He responds by yelling it back. May I have your blessing to keep this tradition going?

A: of course!

That is just bizarre. That is one step below sifting through Kai’s garbage hoping to find snippets of his hair.

Q: Hello Kai! Growing up, who was your favorite kicker and who was your favorite non-kicker to watch?

A: i loved watching Adam Vinatieri, made so many clutch kicks.

I would have to think that Vinatieri would have to be the choice of this entire generation of kickers. Who else even comes close?

Q: Let’s settle this Kai – Which nickname do you prefer? King Kai, Cobra Kai, or Lord Forbath? Or do you have some other nickname?

A: growing up a fan of the karate kid im going to go with cobra kai.

There you have it.

Q: Kai, what did you work on most this off season, FGs or Kickoffs? Also, who is the emergency kicker on the skins if you got hurt during a game or had crippling diarrhea?

A: both! and my guess would be sav or logan paulsen since he grew up playing soccer

Crippling diarrhea? Really? You couldn’t have just said a “hamstring pull” or “death in the family”?

Q: Do you meet with/hang out with placekickers for other teams during warmups/pregame? Edit: If so, what do you usually talk about? Is there like a brotherhood of kickers?

A: yea we usually chat for a few minutes about the field and the game then wish each other good luck.

There’s no way that’s what these kickers talk about. I imagine the conversation usually involves discussing attractive women in the stands and asking what the deal is with Sebastian Janikowski.

Q: Mr. Forbath, could you describe the day-to-day struggles of being a kicker in the NFL? We already know how strenuous and tiring it can be to be a Punter, so what does a Kicker do during/before games and the week leading up to them?

A: haha i cant say we have many struggles except maybe finding things to do at practice. Normally I just kick a few balls into the net to stay warm and then take a seat to my legs and back dont get tight.

This is why Kai is so likeable. He knows his place and role on the team. No pretension. Being a kicker is a pretty sweet gig if you are good at it, and Kai knows he has a great life.

Q: Do you ever really get over the stage freight of having to make an important kick with millions of people watching you?

A: no i love getting a chance to go out there and hit a game winning kick. The rush of it is almost impossible to describe.

Again, this is a predictable answer. What did you expect Kai to say? “OMG it is TERRIFYING! Especially when opposing fans are loud and wave their hands around! SO DISTRACTING!”

Q: What’s the difference kicking on turf versus grass? And how hard was it to kick on that god awful dirt in Fedex by the end of the year?

A: It wasnt easy but thats all i want to say about that!

At least no one got hurt playing on itOHWAIT

Q: “Icing” the kicker is an oft discussed topic in /r/nfl, but I’ve never gotten the chance to ask someone who does it for a living. People cite stats that say it has no effect on outcome. How do you personally view the tactic? Effective? Bad sportsmanship? Good gamesmanship? If you answer in the form of a smoke screen designed to foil opposing special teams coaches, I totally understand, but please PM me with the real McCoy.

A: i personally think it gives the kicker and advantage because when they call timeout we still snap the ball and i kick it so it almost becomes a practice kick if something goes wrong and gives me a second chance.

I’ve always believed this to be the case. I think it is one thing in college football where kickers are still kids and not used to the pressure. Once you get to the pros, any chance to settle down and practice the kick favors the kicker.

Q: In theory, If you were able to play another position, what would you like to take a crack at?


Has to be better than the McNabb tenure in Washington.

Q: Want to come out to the Tag Day event at FedEx to hang out with us for a couple hours? It’s on saturday 11-1 @ FedEx.

A: sorry wont be in town

I don’t think it is possible to ask a question like this without sounding like a serial killer. Even if you are inviting the player to a charity function at his place of work, it still sounds like you are asking him to come to a dark alley.

Q: Would you rather be able to kick a football into orbit during a regular season game, or kick a super bowl winning field goal?

A: super bowl winning of course!

That is a bold-faced lie. Adam Vinatieri would trade all his clutch kicks for a chance to send a ball to the moon.