RGIII vs. Other NFC East QB’s – Week 8


RGIII got no help from his coaches and receivers in an ugly loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

Week eight was one to forget for Redskins fans. We watched RGIII make throw after throw under pressure, each one on the money, and ten of them dropped. Two of those drops were easy touchdowns that would have kept us competitive in the game. The coaching staff deserves some of the blame, too, because they were getting too creative with the plays instead of just running the offense the way it’s been successful. Too many trick plays were drive-killers, and instead of keeping the Pittsburgh defense off balance, they knocked the Redskins offense out of sync. We had way too many pass plays, and abandoned the run too early, even though Alfred Morris was running well. It was a very frustrating game to watch. The one positive was that we didn’t turn the ball over against an extremely opportunistic defense. That was quite a feat after the gifts we gave away in New York the week before. Hopefully the Skins take out their pent up anger and frustration on a Carolina team that’s struggling in every way. There is no reason to struggle offensively or defensively this week. Let’s get a blowout win at home!!!

Michael Vick finally had a game with no turnovers, and still got blown out. The Falcons couldn’t force Vick into making mistakes, but the Eagles struggled to move the ball, and didn’t put up much of a fight. Vick has looked dejected in his press conferences, and plays like he’s lost confidence in himself and his team. If this were a team outside of the NFC East, I might find that more sad than amusing, but as a Skins fan, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. The Eagles go up against the Saints on Monday night. If Vick can’t put up huge numbers against that pathetic defense, he might be warming the bench in the near future.

Tony Romo has been an interception machine this season, putting smiles on the faces of fans of every other team in the NFL. Cowboy fans continue to blame the offensive line, the receivers, Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones, George W. Bush, or anyone but Romo. It’s crazy. The interception that Jason Pierre-Paul returned for a touchdown on Sunday had nothing to do with a receiver running a bad route, or a breakdown in pass protection. It was just a really ugly pass from an over-hyped, mediocre quarterback. Romo, much to everyone’s surprise, played very well in the second quarter, and most of the second half, but on the drive that could have won the game, he threw another interception. The Cowboys gave the Giants a little bit of a scare by briefly taking the lead, but that didn’t last very long. This week, the Cowboys have a prime time match-up in Atlanta. Dallas has been good recently against teams that are 7-0 or better, but are they really good enough to beat Matt Ryan in Atlanta? Probably not.

Eli Manning didn’t have that great of a game in Dallas this week. He could’ve put the game away early after his defense turned three first quarter interceptions into good field position, but the drives stalled, causing the Giants to settle for field goals on two of them. Eli had no touchdown passes, but he bested Romo by only throwing one interception.  The Giants are hosting Pittsburgh this Sunday, and I would like to see them suffer the same fate that the Redskins and Eagles did in the hands of the Steelers. I’ll be waving a terrible towel this weekend, hoping that the Giants get pummeled!

Here are the total passing stats through week 8:

Griffin: 149-223 1,778 yards 8 TD 3 INT 16 Sacks 97.3 QB rating

Vick: 157-266 1,823 yards 9 TD 8 INT 20 Sacks 78.6 QB rating

Romo: 186-283 2,073 yards 9 TD 13 INT 13 Sacks 78.8 QB rating

Manning: 184-294 2,301 yards 12 TD 8 INT 6 Sacks 89.1 QB rating

Almost as overrated as Romo, Eli Manning had to be bailed out by his defense to get a win in Big D: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE