RGIII vs. Other NFC East QB’s – Week 4


RGIII drove the Redskins to victory in Tampa using his arm, his legs, and his brain. – Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

In week four, RGIII threw for his highest number of yards this season, and more importantly, came away with a win after masterfully driving into field goal range in the final minutes. After four weeks, Griffin has the best passer rating in the division, due in large part to having the second best rushing attack in the NFL helping him out. This week, Pierre Garcon will be back in full force, and getting his favorite target back will be a breath of fresh air as our rookie sensation tries to keep up with the powerhouse Atlanta offense. Griffin is getting better, and more comfortable, when it comes to running the ball as pass protection breaks down. The Falcons defense is not very good against the run, so look for some called runs for RGIII this week, as well as some big scrambles when things don’t go as planned. Redskins fans are thrilled to finally have a quarterback they can believe in when the game is on the line with very little time left. If we could only find a kicker who doesn’t give us a heart attack every time he’s on the field…

Vick finally played an interception-free game for the first time this year, as his Eagles knocked off the Giants on Sunday night. These games are always difficult to watch for Skins fans, because somebody usually wins. This game was particularly boring, with neither team scoring until well into the second quarter. Vick’s numbers were still unimpressive, considering he was going up against a battered Giants secondary, and the Eagles barely escaped this game with a win. Before the season, I looked at the talent on this team and really thought they would be one of the best in the league. At this point in the season, however, they’re looking very beatable.

Outside of the Redskins game, the most fun game this week was the Monday night showdown in Big D between the Cowboys and Bears. The Dallas radio personalities were all expecting big things from the Cowboys in this game, and made bold, cocky predictions about the Dallas defense picking off multiple Jay Cutler passes. It played out exactly the opposite of that, as Tony Romo threw five interceptions, with two of them being returned for touchdowns. The game became more and more comical with each interception, and Romo looked completely lost. His line stinks, and his receivers weren’t much help, but the majority of the picks were Romo’s fault, regardless of how Cowboys fans are trying to spin it. It was a glorious game, and we hope Romo gives us many more like this as the season progresses.

Eli Manning threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, but came up short in Philly. He threw a costly interception in the end zone in the third quarter, and took away almost sure points that would’ve been the difference in the game. Eli has been hot and cold this season, much like he’s been his entire career. If he can’t be consistent, it could be trouble for the Giants since their running game and defense don’t help him out enough. Everything has been put on Eli’s shoulders, and if his receivers continue to have injury issues, it won’t be very easy to win games.

Here are the total passing stats through week 4:

Griffin: 86-124 1,070 yards 4 TD 1 INT 9 Sacks 103.2 QB rating

Vick: 88-155 1,146 yards 4 TD 6 INT 11 Sacks 72.7 QB rating

Romo: 101-151 1,148 yards 5 TD 8 INT 8 Sacks 78.5 QB rating

Manning: 103-160 1,320 yards 7 TD 4 INT 4 Sacks 94.3 QB rating

Tony Romo and the Cowboys stunk it up at home against the Bears on Monday Night Football, embarrassing themselves in front of a national audience. – Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE