The Griffin System


With the second pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins did not draft Robert Griffin III, a NCAA Heisman award winning superstar. They drafted Robert Griffin III, the system. I recognize Robert as a system because he has and continues to prove that he is far superior in his abilities to just be classified as a quarterback. With the second pick in the draft Washington selected an upgrade at every position in the team. Griffins’ tenure at Baylor was nothing more than amazing. He arrived on campus as a freshman and was immediately an upgrade to the entire football program. His presence as a Baylor Bear is something that will never be forgotten by the sports world. Now a Washington Redskin, it is anticipated that Griffin will have that same dynamic effect to the historic Washington franchise and it is already showing through OTAs.

Griffin gives you an upgrade at QB.

He is not only a fearless leader with exceptional talent, but he makes the role of the back up quarterback relevant. Due to his presence on the team, Grossman and Cousins are working for one spot instead of two. Washington’s veteran quarterback now finds himself in an unfamiliar position. He has to compete with two talented rookies to ensure his spot on the roster. He is forced to increase his focus and to improve his decision making because his future as a Redskin is uncertain. Think about it…did Grossman really have to work that hard to beat out Beck last year?

Griffin gives you an upgrade at RB.

The zone blocking style of running that Washington uses has proven to be effective with just about every type of running back that is inserted into the system. There has been success even with mediocre play from the quarterbacks inserted into the lineup. With Griffin now at the helm, defenses are forced to change their schemes. No longer can a defense afford to crash eight defenders in the direction of the blockers due to the world class speed and dead eye accuracy that Griffin possesses when he is bootlegging away from the defense after a play action play. Especially after the world witnesses the first defense that feels they don’t have to adjust and Griffin takes off for a 40+ yard run untouched. With less defenders filling the zone gaps, it will create bigger lanes for our crafty running backs to run through. Ultimately I do not foresee there being an answer to the newly renovated Washington Redskin rushing attack.

Griffin gives you an upgrade at WR/TE.

With an accurate quarterback, defensive coaches are forced to attempt to create confusion the upfront protection scheme by blitzing and disguising coverages. Having a mobile quarterback means that Washington will rarely line up versus man to man coverage. The defense will have to scheme to have their DB’s in position to make a play on Griffin in the event that he decides he wants to be the running back for a play or two. Washington has numerous speedy receivers with good hands that can locate holes in a zone defense very well and they have a quarterback that is accurate throwing short into coverage and deep over top of coverage. With Griffin at the helm, the stats of the WR’s will steadily improve. It’s also been said that the Tight End is a quarterbacks best friend. Washington has two of the best tight ends in Redskin history on the roster. Both of which have had very respectable careers with quarterbacks of far less capabilities. This could very easily be a Pro Bowl year for one or both of our tight ends and the receivers.

Griffin gives you an upgrade at OL.

Washington now has their franchise quarterback. This means that the offensive line is now the equivalent of the Secret Service protecting the President. Nobody wants to be the lineman that gives up the sack to Lawrence Taylor on Joe Theismann. If this doesn’t motivate the entire line to get better as a unit then nothing will.

Griffin gives you an upgrade at Kicker.

An improved, high scoring offense means less long distance field goals and more extra points. Gano is probably at dinner with Griffin as we speak.

Griffin gives you an upgrade on defense as a whole.

Washington faces quarterbacks with extreme mobility and accuracy such as Newton, Rodgers, Vick, Young, Freeman,etc. Usually what teams do is place one of their fastest players on the scout team so that their defense can get adjusted to the speed they will face. However, that only prepares you for one aspect of the game. Now, Washington is able to line their first team defense up against their first team offense and at quarterback is a gentleman with the same capabilities as all the opponents mentioned. Griffin will have the Washington defense everyday, changing the focus and speed that they play with which will have them the most prepared they can be when facing the best dual threat quarterbacks the NFL has to offer.

Washington gives the fans an upgrade!

When is the last time you remember Redskins fans this excited going into the season? Robert Griffin III has displayed the type of skill, character and promise to Redskins Nation for us to place all of our dreams of Super Bowl victories on his shoulders. There is a buzz going around the league that the Redskins are not to be overlooked any longer. Jersey sales prove that the support is there in Washington and we are on board and ready for battle. There is a very refreshing sense of hope in Washington that the answer has arrived and for that Mr. Griffin on behalf of Redskins Nation, we thank you. On behalf of the newly founded Griffin System to the loyal fans of Redskins Nation, it’s only appropriate to assume that wherever Mr. Griffin is reading this, he just simply gave us a head nod and humbly said,” You’re Welcome.”


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