Mock Draft From Colchester, UK.


Mock Draft From Colchester, UK.

At this time of year, the pages of the internet are awash with Mock Drafts, college player evaluations, combines, pro days and the like. We don’t get to see so much of that over here in the UK, but we try to follow it as best we can. I play for an American Football team in Colchester, Essex, (Britain’s oldest recorded town), in the UK, approximately 50 miles north east of London.

Our season is just getting underway as we play in the spring and summer; in fact our season opener was just this weekend (although I won’t mention the result…).

A number of our squad got together to produce a mock draft with most getting the opportunity to pick for their favorite teams, with the rest split around the group. The top two picks were taken as given.

So, here it is, the first mock draft of the Colchester Gladiators:

1.         Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck QB.

Taken as a given.

2.         Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III QB.

Redskins didn’t trade up to the #2 overall pick for this not to be RG3 so another given.

3.         Minnesota Vikings – Morris Claiborne CB.

Yes, we know, all draft predictions went completely out of the window with this pick, the first real one of our mock! Sheets of paper were thrown into the air in disbelief, people diving for their laptops, player lists etc! Paul Brunsden, take a bow…justified by the explanation that the Vikings address a desperate need at corner…

4.         Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson RB.

Sanity returned as the Browns addressed a glaring need. Whoever starts at QB will need some tools and there are none better thanRichardson.

5.         Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Melvin Ingram OLB.

With Claiborne off the board, Bucs stay with D and pick up the next best defensive player.

6.         St. Louis Rams – Matt Kalil OT.

Would have taken him at #2, Rams cannot believe their luck.

7.       Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Blackmon WR.

Jags acquire top target for Gabbert.

8.         Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill QB.

DespiteMoore’s improvement in the second half of the season, the fish look to upgrade the position with the third best QB in the draft.


9.         Seattle Seahawks (from Carolina Panthers) – Quinton Coples DE.

Seahawks exchange their 1st (#12) with the Panthers (#9) and swap their third rounder (75th) for the Panthers 5th (143rd) to move up three places to select Coples.

10.       Buffalo Bills – Riley Rieff OT.

Bills select the best tackle on still on the board to bolster their OL.

11.       Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Keuchley ILB.

They may have more pressing needs but taking the best ILB in the draft was too tempting.

12.       Carolina Panthers (from Seattle Seahawks) – Fletcher Cox DT.

Panthers pick up an extra 3rd rounder for their fifth to drop three places and still get the guy they wanted to shore up their weak run D.

13.       Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Martin OT.

A toss up between WR and OL, Kolb will appreciate fortifying the line.

14.       Dallas Cowboys – Dre Kirkpatrick CB.

Glaring needs all over the secondary, Cowboys take the best DB available.

15.       Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Brockers DT.

Poor interior run D – was there any doubt the Eagles would take a DT?


16.       San Diego Chargers (from New YorkJets) – David DeCastro OG.

Chargers give up their 4th (110th) and 6th (143rd) rounders to leapfrog the OL needy Bengals to nab the best guard prospect for years.

17.       Cincinnati Bengals – Stephon Gilmore CB.

With planned pick DeCastro gone, Bengals turn to other position of need.

18.       New York Jets (from San Diego Chargers) – Courtney Upshaw OLB.

Jets pick up extra 4th and 6th picks for dropping just two places, picking up a versatile LB for Ryan to coach up.

19.       Chicago Bears – Mike Adams OT.

Bears fill a position of need with the next best OT on the board.

20.       Tennessee Titans – Michael Floyd WR.

Titans delighted that the second ranked WR falls to them at #20.

21.       Cincinnati Bengals – Kendall Wright WR.

Bengals go offense with their second pick, providing a target opposite AJ.

22.       Cleveland Browns – Stephen Hill WR.

Another playmaker for the Browns QB. You can’t coach speed.

23.       Detroit Lions – Cordy Glenn OT/OG.

Lions go OL to provide extra protection forStafford.

24.      Pittsburgh Steelers – David Wilson RB.

Depth needed at the RB position.

25.       Denver Broncos – Dontari Poe DT.

Broncos delighted that the athletic Poe falls to them here.

26.       Houston Texans – Alshon Jeffrey WR.

Prolific at college level, fills a need to take some pressure off Johnson.

27.       New England Patriots – Shea McClellin OLB.

Gut feeling for McClellin as best fit for the Pats’ D.

28.       Green Bay Packers – Nick Perry DE.

BPA to boost pass rush opposite Matthews.

29.       Baltimore Ravens – Peter Konz OC.

Can start out at guard then slide over to center when needed.

30.       San Francisco 49ers – Coby Fleener TE.

Huge target to improve third down and red zone efficiency.

31.       New England Patriots – Jayron Hosley CB.

Already picked to improve their pass rush, now a pick to improve the secondary.

32.       New York Giants – Donta Hightower ILB.

Boosting LB stocks a necessity.

So there it is, our first mock. In case anyone is interested, I picked for the Dolphins, Cowboys and Lions. I would be interested to receive any feedback.