Redskins Next Most Imoprtant Need


I think I can safely say that all of Redskins Nation is in agreement that the biggest, most important need at the moment is addressing the quarterback situation. We all know that this is not the only need this team has to rectify if the organization is to return to the glory it once had. Outside of that, the opinions swirl around a bit. Its usually a mixture of wide receiver woes, holes in the offensive line, or other issues.

Could the lack of training camp last year been the reason why people feel this team is lacking at wide receiver? Could Big Bank Hank have just needed some time and reps to evolve into the receiver we were hoping for before the hip injury? Hopefully he will come back 100% in the spring and show everyone why Mike and Bruce drafted him last spring. We also hope that things are good with Freddy-D and and Captain Chaos to take the pressure off of the Wide Out Corps. The other question is will Mike and Kyle want to keep 13 guys on the roster again? Who knows.

Then there’s the issues with the offensive line. This team is very deficient in tackles. They’ve got 3 guys who can play center, a bunch of interior linemen, and Trent Williams at LT. But guys get hurt and there’s no telling if there’s really a guy who can step in and start at that position should he go down again. Jammal Brown came back this year after having the surgery on his knee, but was once again plagued by injury for a big chunk of the season. It took two years for Shanahan to actually admit that there is a lack of depth with the offensive linemen. Let’s be real… these are not The Hogs, folks.

On special teams, we’re not really sure what is going on. A lot of people want to blame Brandon Banks for not getting into the end zone more or Graham Gano for not making more kicks. But it IS a team effort. There is a certain amount of individual merit that goes into anything these guys do, but it takes people blocking for Brandon and a group of guys who will block vicious defenses trying to block every kick and extra point. We’ll see what coach Danny Smith comes up with this fall.

And what about the secondary? Ever since the departure of Carlos Rogers, there’s been a void that has been felt in the backfield. Yes when he was here he had “issues” catching balls that hit him in the numbers… but, he did a good job taking guys out of the game, freeing up someone like DeAngelo Hall to be the playmaker he is. Now with these receivers getting bigger, and tight ends getting even bigger than that, having someone who can cover them is an issue. This team does not have a shut down corner, and has health issues at saftety. DeJon Gomes did a fairly good job stepping in at safety, but his size created a mismatch problem with guys like Gronkowski and Witten (just saying). Hopefully Dirty 30 comes back healthy and stays that way all season, but there’s no way of knowing that for sure. But there’s obviously a problem out here that needs fixing.

I guess the biggest question is, what does the organization view as its second most important need… I guess we shall see in free agency and the draft. Hopefully they have a formula that will work. If not, the Shanford and Son experiment may be officially over. Don’t think Danny can take another 5-11 or 6-10 season.

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