Redskins 2012 Offseason: What I would do if I was Shanahan


This offseason promises to be a hectic one in Washington, and right now our future is leaning on Mike Shanahan. He is the one in control (as is Bruce Allen), and he is the one who will be making most of the changes, cuts, trades, and drafts. It’s obvious that Shanny will be under a ton of pressure, and many are wondering what he will do. Unfortunatly, nobody except the coach himself knows, and that is why I’ll throw in a different look at it. No, I am not a coach or manager, but after years of watching the Redskins, I have an idea of what will happen. This is what I would do, if I was Mike Shanahan:

1) Find a way to Pick up Manning without a loss: Most of the Redskins Nation want a QB in the first round or the draft, but in order to get RG3, we’d have to TRADE (which means to get rid of valuable possessions) up. If the Colts get Andrew Luck, there is a good chance that Manning will become a free agent. This is someone who could help the Redskins win now, and help teach a younger QB for the future

2) Get a new offensive Coordinator: It may make family gatherings awkward, but Mike needs to relieve his son Kyle from play-calling duties. It eventually got better, but Kyle’s 2011 season was rocky. Bringing in a fresh-face like Jim Caldwell or another former head coach could have a BIG PAY-OFF.

3) Heavily pursue Free-agent guards/tackles: Our line is weak, obviously. And yes, we could draft a guy for one of these positions, but there are few soon to be free agents out there. The biggest name is Carl Nicks of the Saints, and he will most likely be let go due to the cap-space situation in New Orleans. Nicks is a dominant guard who has helped Drew Brees for years, and can do the same for us

4) Continue staying young: As we continue building, we also have to stay young. The team is doing a good job at that so far and should continue. Of course, there are a few exceptions, like Santana Moss and London Fletcher. It’s time to move on from guys like Rocky McIntosh, who has Perry Riley ready to roll at line-backer

5) Find a replacement for DeAngelo Hall: This one really doesn’t make sense with me, and I’m talking about him. You would think that a guy who talks such a big game would at least be able to dominantly cover a #2 guy, which he can’t. I say the Redskins continue their youth revolt, and part ways will the disgruntled cornerback who cost us to crucial games against Dallas this year

Those are all very important things that need to happen, but that is not it. Then comes draft day. I will go round by round, and choose who I believe will benefit us the most:

I will put two options for each round
Round 1: Justin Blackmon-WR/Morris Claiborne-CB
Round 2: Peter Konz-C(if he makes it this far)/Mike Adams-OT
Round 3: Jamell Fleming-CB/Lavonte David-LB
Round 4: Mike Brewster-C/Coby Fleener-TE
Round 5: Antonio Allen-S/Joel Foreman-OG
Round 6: Don Barclay-OT/Stephen Hill-WR
Round 7: Chris Galippo-LB/Randy Bullock-K(WE NEED ONE)

These are just some of the many options I am considering as head coach. Oh wait; I’m just a blogger… Continue to keep up with me in the coming weeks and months as I predict more drafts for the Redskins with in-depth looks.