ESPN’s Bram Weinstein talks Redskins with Riggo’s Rag – Part II


This is part two of Riggo’s Rag’s interview with ESPN anchor, Maryland native, and devout Redskins fan Bram Weinstein. In part I, Bram spoke about his introduction to the Redskins and the glory days of the 80’s. This is the second part of that interview. Bram now speaks on the current status of the Redskins as a team and what lies ahead for our beloved sons of Washington. Enjoy!

RR – Okay, well I guess this is where we make the jump to now- a time the younger generation will have a little more knowledge of.

RR – Did Shanahan do the right thing in benching Rex for Beck?

BW – I think he had to give Beck his shot. Now that said, the week he got in was after Cooley was hurt, I think Moss was out. They’d lost their center and Trent Williams was hurt. Not exactly a full deck and it showed.

BW – His real mistake was “staking his reputation” on these two. They needed a QB and didn’t get a QB in a division chock full on all-world ones. That same mistake won’t be replicated. Someone is coming in either by free agency, trade or the draft.

RR – Some were saying that Shanny only said that as a confidence boost. Like he does now when he’ll “fully back” a player and later say ” you gotta build up a guys confidence.”

BW – He didn’t have to go that far. Those are the quotes that come back to haunt you.

RR – True.

RR – I’ve said that this is it. If he can’t crack 8-8 or better with a new QB, it’s over. You think he has any chance at 2013-14 if a new QB can’t get it done, or will “signs of progress” be enough? Another question would be do you think they’re headed in the right direction?

BW – They are keeping their draft picks and have done reasonably well so that is a huge start. But they are lacking skill players on O, so either you have to have an above average QB or better skill players to make up for it.

BW – Shanny has to win now or show signs of winning really soon. He knows that, so yes, his career hinges on next season. It’s why I’m certain if Peyton manning is in play, the Redskins make a big run at him.

RR – Really? You don’t think that goes against the entire youth movement here?

BW – Survivalist mode. If he wants to stay here for the foreseeable future he has to upgrade at QB now.

RR – Your thoughts on Robert Griffin III? You think Skins trade up for him or even possibly Luck? or go opposite route and get Flynn or maybe Manning and draft Blackmon or an OL/CB?

BW – I think we are out of Luck, Colts are taking him. I don’t hear the Skins are interested in Flynn but some of my reporter friends still there disagree with that. I’d love Blackmon, he’s freaking great. RG3, I’ll take but I don’t want to trade the farm for him.

RR – Do you think Fletcher gets a Moss-like deal to stay? What about Landry? I think Landry is done and Fletch will take a lesser deal to “be a part of this teams future”. Although some people I’ve talked with think he should leave and go to a contender to get that illusive ring.

BW – I hope they keep Fletcher but it has to be a smart deal, not too many years.. He’ll have to check out his options. Landry is going to be a very tough decision.

RR – Brian Orakpo seems to be held on literally every play, but the difference between the good and the great is still being able to get to the QB. Even with an outstanding rookie in Kerrigan opposite him, he still struggled. Do you think Rak is a GREAT pass rusher, or just good. Do you think Kerrigan is the real deal?

BW – I think Rak and 91 have the makings of being the best duo of outside linebackers in the league.

RR – What do you think of Raheem Morris joining the team? You think Haz has one more year to start causing some turnovers? Will the 3-4 stay if Haz leaves?

BW – I like his defense. Would have been better with Landry healthy, it’s set up for him to be in position to make plays. They still need some D-line help, one more end.

RR – If you’re the GM, what positions are you most concerned about entering the offseason?

BW – QB is definitely number one. Tackle- Brown is not healthy and Williams is a wild card. WR-need a number one, but with the right QB- maybe that group works out. Another D-end, but [Jarvis Jenkins] might help that along.

RR – Jarvis is a beast. He’s going to be huge next year. I watched the whole preseason at least twice before his knee [injury] in Baltimore. He looks tough.

RR- Do you think Roy Helu can and will be the Redskins starting back in 2012? Does he have the build and talent to make it as an elite RB or does the committee continue?

BW – Committee. I feel like he’s more of a possible 3rd down back, a couple of series here and there to spell the starter. I like Hightower and I believe Shanahan will find capable backs.

RR – Do you think Redskins fans can find comfort in knowing they played with New England, beat the Giants twice and held San Fran close for a while? or is it all just more bulls*** to make them feel better about themselves?

BW – Bulls***. You are what your record is. But if I were Jim Harbaugh, I’d put a courtesy call into Haslett to find out what the secret was.

RR – Final question. Who wins a Super Bowl first and why, the Cowboys or the Redskins?

BW – Ha ha ha.. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Two enigmas, two organizations who have not built a team in a practical manner for years. Chasing stars, blowing a lot of smoke.

BW – The answer is Redskins if and I mean IF they stay this course of building a young team through the draft. My confidence in Snyder’s patience is not high. They are trying to scare Jerry straight down in the Big D though so maybe he gets a real GM. And then we are in trouble.

RR – Okay, I lied. One more. Do you think the Redskins will ever move back to DC?

BW – We can all dream. It is MLK day after all.

(this interview was conducted on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, thus the joke.)

This concludes our interview with Bram Weinstein. We appreciate our readers and Bram for joining us! Stay tuned for more Redskins news and notes on Riggo’s Rag. Also, you can go follow Riggo’s Rag (@RiggosRag), Bram (@BramWeinstein) and myself (@KMawyer2) on twitter for more Redskins info, opinions and other general commentary.