A breakdown of Redskins’ 2012 opponents and how they will fare


Most Redskins fans have probably dropped by the official site at Redskins.com and checked out the 2012 opponents list. We won’t know the actual schedule until April, but let’s take an extremely early look at what the Redskins will be up against next season and how they could possibly fare. Speculation at it’s finest.

First, let us get the six obvious games out of the way.

NFC East

@ Dallas Cowboys – The Redskins, no matter who is their quarterback, should be able to compete in Dallas. With the team they put on the field this year it was very close. The Cowboys almost won the division, again, almost. I think that in 2012 the Redskins will finally get it done in big D, this game will be played in Dallas so no matter what time of year I believe the result will be the same (barring injury). Blind prediction: W.

vs. Dallas Cowboys – The Redskins will sweep the Cowboys for the first time since 2005. Blind prediction: W.

@ Philadelphia Eagles – The Redskins have to lose at least two divisional games no matter what. I believe that the former “Dream Team” will be a little more cohesive and even harder at home to beat. Eagles win. Blind prediction: L.

vs. Philadelphia Eagles – The Redskins only lost by seven points after a four interception performance by Rex Grossman. Even if Grossman starts this game in 2012-13, the Redskins win. Blind prediction: W.

@ New York Giants – New York will be angry, and coming off their divisional round loss to the Green Bay Packers a year prior, they will play very well. Giants win big. Blind prediction: L.

vs. New York Giants – The Redskins won’t lose two to New York next year so by default this is a victory. Maybe a touchdown pass over the middle from Griffin III to Vincent Jackson over Antrel Rolle? Sounds good? Blind prediction: W.

If you passed math in third grade, you’d know that the Redskins would be 4-2 in the division in 2012-13 according to my sophisticated prediction analysis system. Now on to the rest of the schedule.

NFC South

vs. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan and his receivers would most likely prove to be too much for a Redskins secondary that won’t be a whole lot better next season. Turner will be stuffed for most of the day but a late touchdown Julio Jones seals the deal. Blind prediction: L.

@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A win. I don’t care if this game gets moved to Osaka. The Bucs are not better than the Redskins and Raheem Morris being let go was probably one of their greater mistakes of the last…ever. Blind prediction: W.

vs. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers gave the Redskins the business last year and I could see them doing it again this year. The Redskins have struggled against mobile quarterbacks, but I believe the last game was due in large part to the Skins quarterback play, or lack thereof. Redskins win a tight one. Blind prediction: W.

@ New Orleans Saints – Unless Drew Brees is in a coma or somehow not on the field, the Redskins can’t hang. Simple as that for now. Saints easy. Blind prediction: L.

AFC North

vs. Baltimore Ravens – Man, I can’t stand Baltimore. Redskins win. They somehow find a way to put the game on Flacco’s shoulders, at which point he crumbles. A defensive battle, but the Redskins need an upset in 2012-13. Blind prediction: W.

@ Cleveland Browns – The Redskins could potentially be facing Robert Griffin III in this game. It wouldn’t matter if Joe Montana was back there though, the Redskins should win. Blind prediction: W.

vs. Cincinnati Bengals – These 2012-13 Bengals are going to be good. I think their defense combined with Dalton and Mr. Green gives them the right combo to win. The Redskins are always good for a loss at home that leaves you going “huh?” Blind prediction: L.

@ Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers are a wildcard next year as far as I’m concerned. I think there will be a lot of turnover in Pittsburgh because of their aging squad. As most Redskins fans are now aware, getting younger isn’t easy. Big Ben throws three interceptions and fondles a girl inside of a local bar after, again. Blind prediction: W.

Same Place Finish Non-Divisional Opponents Within The NFC

vs. Minnesota Vikings – We have to beat these guys sometime right? 2012-13 is the year. Blind prediction: W.

@ St. Louis Rams – No matter what the Rams do with Jeff Fischer, they are still the Rams. Blind prediction: W.

That leaves the Redskins with a 2012-13 season record of (drum roll please) … 11-5?


Well, there you have it. 11-5 overall, 4-2 in the division. That looks good enough for an NFC East title or at least a wildcard. These predictions are subject to change and will probably differ significantly after the draft, should anything go wrong. I do believe that if the Redskins get a capable person behind center, play better defense in the secondary and get a deep threat at wide receiver, they can go 11-5. Stay tuned for updates and drop a line if you disagree. It’s never too early!

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