Top Model and Miss Maryland semi-finalist Brittany Britto talks Patriots, Redskins with Riggo’s Rag


Riggo’s Rag had the recent privilege of interviewing Top Model and Miss Maryland 2011 semi-finalist Brittany Britto. Brittany has also been featured on the Campus Girls 2009 calendar as Miss October. Brittany is nothing short of a world traveler, having lived on a few different continents throughout her first 22 years of life. Ms. Britto is not only a model, but she’s a true Patriots fan. We here at Riggo’s Rag decided to pick her brain about her modeling career, writing and of course the game later today. Enjoy.

RR- How’d you get into modeling? From what I’ve seen you’re into a few other fields of work. What sparked your interest in writing?

BB- I started modeling around the age of 4 in Providence, where I was born, and later in Boston. I was scouted in a mall and started modeling with an agency there for a couple of years. I was also fortunate to do a lot of moving around while I was young, and got to go overseas for high school for my father’s job, so I was able to pursue modeling in high school by doing different fashion shows, working with smaller agencies while in Hong Kong, which was a lot of fun. I came back here to the states for college to attend University of Maryland. I’d say that’s when I really started taking modeling more serious here in the district, doing different promo jobs and eventually working with different photographers and fashion shows. Ironically, my very first job that I ever got was working promo for the Redskins at a nightclub. Clinton Portis was the first celebrity I met in DC. I was like 18 and super intimidated, and all I could drink was Redbull. So funny!

I participated in DC Fashion Week my freshman year, and started working with different charity fashion events, including Fashion Fights Poverty, Campus Girls USA (a calendar with proceeds going to breast cancer research), and Belafigure, a swimsuit line in support of breast cancer research. My senior year, I was personally chosen by Tyra Banks to be featured on Cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. I also participated in Miss Maryland USA 2010 and made semi-finalist my first shot. I’m still pursuing modeling, but have been focusing more closely on graduation, which is in just a few weeks.

I’ve always loved writing and reading. At age 12, I told myself I was going to be a journalist, but it wasn’t until I came to college that I really learned how much I enjoy writing for myself and how much I enjoy telling stories. I’m an English major and a Creative Writing minor, so I dabble in different types of writing. I love to blog for myself personally. I write stories about life experiences and coming of age. I’m hoping to get a few of my stories published within the new year. I still love journalism, and I gave that a shot this semester while working as an intern for Washington Life Magazine. I love everything that has to do with writing. I think it’s the greatest outlet and the foundation for almost everything. Everything starts in writing.

RR- You’ve lived in a few very interesting places, how did you first learn about football?

BB- I first learned about football from my father. I feel like he’s been watching football since he was born. He is literally as old as the Superbowl. I remember watching games around the house, and how he was always so into it, yelling at the TV and talking to the players as if they could hear them. I was born in New England (Providence, Rhode Island) so there were Patriots fans everywhere, and with my father being a fan, I really didn’t have a choice. I’d say I started watching more so when I was in middle school. I had a picture of Tom Brady in my locker in the 7th grade. I fell in LOVE with him, and I remember when we won the Superbowl against the Rams, I went to school with shoe polish under my eyes and my throwback Glen jersey.  I did a little bit of cheerleading when I lived in Northern Virginia, so I learned more about it then watching the boys play. I’m not afraid to say I still have things to learn.

I will say I enjoy playing the game more than I do enjoy watching. I have a decent arm. I used to play with the kids in my neigborhood, tackle! Lol There’s something about the aggression and strategy and passion in football that intrigues me more than anything.

RR- Being that you went to college in the DC metro area, what do you think of the Redskins? What can you say about their fans as opposed to a Patriots fan in New England?

BB- Hmm…well, I won’t say too much because my stepmother is a diehard Redskins fan, and you guys get a little crazy. I don’t think she’s ever been same since Joe Gibbs left. I will say you guys have some…tough times, but you keep watching and you keep the faith.

As for the Patriots fans, we like when you hate on us. I think there’s a point where people and even fans are sick of the Patriots because of their winning streaks and because Brady is on fire! But I think there’s always the expectation that it’s going to be a pretty good, exciting game. Also, I think Pats fans are pretty loyal. Rain, shine, or snow. Personally, that’s my favorite time to watch Patriots play, in the snow, cuz they still play like it’s nothing.

RR- The Pats look like they’re getting back on track; how do you feel about their chances this year with the AFC being pretty wide open?

BB- Well we’re  9-3 right now, first in AFC East, which means we’re ahead of the Jets which is more than wonderful. At the end of the day, I want my team to win, but I also want to see some great games and exciting playoffs this year. I know my family in Houston is super happy with the Texans. They’re doing awesome and I would love to see them go further. Being in the DC metro area, I have a soft spot for the Ravens. Needless to say, they have a strong team and their defense is scary good. I’d love to see them beat out the Steelers, that’s for sure.

As for Patriots and our chances this year, I think we do pretty good during the season and it all matters, but the playoffs really matter and for the past two years, we’ve choked on the first playoff game to teams with better defense than us. Last year, it was Jets. The year before that, it was the Ravens. I can’t take that again! It’s tough to say what will happen, but I’m keeping the faith. I’d pee in my pants if we made it to the Superbowl.

RR- Now to the nitty gritty. What is your prediction for this today’s game at FedEx? 

BB- I see the Pats winning- 31 to 14. I’m having a feeling. Rex Grossman doesn’t stand a chance.

I can’t say that much of Redskins nations’ opinions on today’s game will differ from Brittany’s. The only way Washington has a chance in today’s game is if Grossman doesn’t turn the ball over and the Patriots offense sputters. The Pat’s defense hasn’t been their strongest point all season, but with a Redskins offensive line shredded by injuries and suspensions the Patriots could have their way with former Redskin Andre Carter leading the charge. I believe the game will be a little closer than 31-14. Look for the Skins to stay in it for three quarters, but New England pulls away late. Patriots 28 Redskins 17.

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