Washington Redskins: Who stays and who goes in the offseason


After a promising 3-1 start, the Redskins have looked like the same under-achievers they have been for the past decade. Currently at 4-7, the season is already over, and the toughest part has yet to pass. With match-ups against the Patriots and Giants still on the schedule, things might get embarrassing, and most fans will want to tune out to next season. But what can we expect for next year? Here is a list of Redskins who will stay and who will go:


Roy Helu: After warming the bench for most of the season, Roy Helu looks to have earned the starting spot. Next season, however, he will be in a fierce competition with Tim Hightower to earn the starting nod. Either way, Helu will be around for a long time, and will continue to have great games

Adam Carriker: The former St. Louis defensive end is finally starting to come through for the ‘Skins. After a quiet season in 2010, Carriker is making tackles and closing up holes. Being that he is still young, the Redskins will want him around for a few more years

Sav Rocca: Despite his age (38), Sav Rocca is still one of the best punters in the league averaging over 42 yards per punt. Not only does punt well, but can also throw out a nasty hit. The Redskins stole Rocca from the Eagles this season, and will most likely stick with him for a few more years

 Fred Davis: Clearly our best receiver, Fred Davis will be around for a long time if he keeps doing well. Leading the team with 53 catches and 697 yards, Davis’ is easily the most explosive offensive weapon for the Redskins. His speed and ability to run quick routes will keep him on the roster and may give him the permanent job

Jim Haslett: Even the record doesn’t back it up, the ‘Skins defense has looked better with Haslett at the reigns. He comes up with creative schemes and knows good talent when he sees it. He’ll be around in 2012, and will probably try to convince the front office to help him out in the draft


Ryan Torain: After being given chance after chance, time has run out for Ryan Torain. The Redskins have found their present in Tim Hightower and future in Roy Helu, leaving out any chance for the former Bronco to stay in Washington. The Redskins will let him finish out the season, but don’t expect to see him back

Chris Cooley: Rattled by injuries the past couple of years, Fred Davis looks to have taken over for Chris Cooley. Cooley, a fan favorite, was limited this season before being placed on IR in week 4. Although fans love him, the Redskins could be putting that money towards someone we really need

Graham Gano: Picked up by the Redskins after the infamous Shaun Suisham was cut, Graham Gano will have a similar fate. He leads the league in missed kicks with 9. He has costs the Redskins a few games this season, and they can’t afford to keep him around next year

John Beck: It looks like the journeyman will continue his journey right on out of D.C. After a great opportunity, John Beck ailed to capitalize. Even though Rex Grossman doesn’t deserve a roster spot any more than Beck, he will be a more suitable back-up

Kyle Shanahan: It’s this easy: Kyle must go. Shanahan has received a lot of criticism for the Redskins poor record this season, as he should. He lacks the qualities of a good offensive-coordinator, and simply makes bad calls. Although it will make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner, Mike needs to fire his son if the Redskins want to compete next year