Redskins vs. Seahawks: which Rex did we get?


Most of last week I had been waiting to see which Rex would show up at the Seattle game this past weekend. I think most of Redskins Nation was just hoping it wouldn’t be Bad Rex. I would have settled for Good Rex, but I was really hoping for that Mean Rex character who showed up at the Dallas game a week ago brushing the dirt off his shoulder with an angry scowl on his face as if to say “Sexy Rexy’s here and I mean business.” That guy showed up and played like a man possessed. Ending the game with almost 300 yards in the air and a quarterback rating over 95. That guy had more than a big arm, he had much better accuracy and played with attitude. Unfortunately they still lost. But I couldn’t blame Rex. Well, at least not Mean Rex, anyway.

In Seattle, we saw a guy suit up in the burgandy and gold with a #8 jersey with Grossman stitched on the back and he came out and got over 300 yards in the air, completed 74% of his passes to get over a 95% passer rating again… Who was that guy? Was it Mean Rex? Or based on the two interceptions he threw was it merely Good Rex? He also had a fumble so it has to be Good Rex… right??

Or was it? We’ve also seen Good Rex carry the propensity to turn into Bad Rex once he loses his confidence or gets a little frustrated. We’ve seen Good Rex morph into the guy who throws four interceptions in three quarters. We’ve seen him 180 into the character affectionately known as Interceptasaurus Rex. That guy flat out frightens me. That was the guy who came to camp noticeably out of shape and had my colleagues and I referring to him as Hefty Rexy. Was this really the guy we got Sunday? I don’t think so.

I think what we got was Mean Rex with a couple of extra mistakes added in. We saw a guy make some mistakes (some more costly than others) but hang in there all sixty minutes of that football game. We saw a guy nail a pass 50 yards out in the rain before thousands of Seattle fans screaming so loud that even Trent Williams admitted that he had to read Grossman’s lips in the huddle because he couldn’t hear him. We saw a guy get pummeled by defensive guys all afternoon in the cold northwest while commentators made a stink about him fumbling the ball because of his small hands and he kept getting back up and fighting with his teammates. No doubt that was Mean Rex.

After the game, Mike Wise made a comment on twitter that the stadium had emptied out quickly and that the fans in Seattle had less faith in Tavaris Jackson than DC has in Rex. In one hand, it sounds pretty bad. Especially when you recall the same old Bad Rex guy who has shown up numerous times. Or even Good Rex for that matter. But Mean Rex was better than Jackson yesterday so I can understand the anguish of the Seattle fans.

At the end of the day, he goes home Rex Daniel Grossman, III (yes, there’s three of them and don’t go calling him RG3 either)… but when he comes to FedEx or any other field to face a team, we hope (at least I hope) to see Mean Rex come out of tunnel. The balling, scowling, brushing the dirt off his shoulder, calculated gunslinger with enough Hefty Swag to fight for sixty minutes. He’ll make a couple mistakes, but he won’t give up. And I can live with that.

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