“Dear Kyle…” a letter to the Redskins O.C.


“Dear Kyle,

Hope everything is well on your end — well, besides the losing streak. First off, I just want to apologize for the four interceptions against Philly. Particularly how I handled the press conference. I wasn’t feeling well, and I probably said some things I regret like throwing Fred under the bus or blowing off a couple of the picks like they weren’t important. I acted immaturely and unprofessional.

Secondly, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to have a chance to redeem myself. I kinda felt like something was up around Wednesday or so when you gave me half the reps in practice with the first team guys… good to know you’re still in my corner! I felt like I did okay yesterday. I’d like to have those two picks back… particularly the second one. A lot of reporters were saying the first one to Hank wasn’t my fault because he was the one who fell, but I kinda felt like I may have let it go at the wrong time. He sorta started to trip up as I was about to throw, but I didn’t think anything of it. It was a tough call. The second one, I was just really hoping Jabar would get open since that’s the guy the play was meant for. I didn’t even consider a second option, to be perfectly honest. Maybe he shoulda fought harder to get open, maybe I shoulda did better at checking down my other receivers, I dunno. I DO know that keeping the ball and running it in was out of the question. Do I look like John Beck? Ha!

I am feeling better now that I’ve gotten medical treatment though. That pneumonia was a killer! I felt horrible for the two weeks after that Philly game. On a positive note, I did shed those 5-6 lbs I mentioned that I gained during the lockout…

On another note, has anyone talked to John since your dad announced the benching?? I heard last week that your dad said he felt like he lost his swagger (I didn’t know he knew what swagger meant!). It’s really unfortunate. You know, I watched him a lot during the short training camp that we had and I noticed back then he couldn’t complete anything accurately beyond 15 yards. Guess he doesn’t have that Sexy Rexy Arm! I think Kellen Clemens kinda did, shame he couldn’t stick around and get a chance to grasp the offense… oh well, more reps for you and me to work through! Just out of curiosity, why DID you guys decide to go with just two guys at QB anyway? I was kinda scared for John the past 3 weeks because I was sick and couldn’t play. I heard your dad say that Terrance was the emergency QB… WHOA!! Said the same thing about Darrel. Nuts!!

I think Hank did a fantastic job out there today! He’s a great target. I think he’s really finding his way and I hope that hip injury is not a big deal. But what in the world happened with Ryan T?? I don’t think he could have found a hole if he had a shovel. Maybe Helu should have played more… but I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. You’re the boss, Kyle!

I thought the D did a great job… well, minus some of those costly penalties and DeAngelo. I mean, it just seemed like he wasn’t even there. Almost no tackles… nothing. And every time I look for him, I find Rak out in coverage and D blitzing. Don’t know about that. But hey, I’ll leave that to Jim to figure out.

Anyway, it’s Dallas week now and I have to start getting some sleep. Going to be a big one this weekend! I promise I’ll make you proud. Go




P.S. – You never got back to me about that raise I asked about a month ago… I’d like to get a status update on that if you could. My wife is asking about extra money to do Christmas shopping on Black Friday next week. Thanks, buddy!”

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