Redskins draft one week later; five things you need to know


It’s been a week since the Redskins selected DE Ryan Kerrigan as their number one pick in the draft.  Many of us are still trying to digest the aftermath of the draft and understand what it means for the Skins’ future and where the team currently stands on a number of other issues.  Conspiracies are still running rampant, partly fueled by the ongoing enigma known as the quarterback position.  Here are the top five things that you need to know now that the draft is over.

5) Expect some of the draft picks to start immediately.

All three picks from the first three rounds will start this year according to my crystal ball.  The Redskins’ needs on defense are far too great for a DE of Ryan Kerrigan’s caliber not to.  The same goes for Jarvis Jenkins at DT.  Leonard Hankerson has an open path to a starting WR slot.  In his case, there just really aren’t any other WRs to compete with.  He won’t be the number one at first, but in time, possibly this year, he will be.  Others might not start immediately, but players like RB Roy Helu and CB DeJon Gomes will see play time on special teams and possibly work their way into even more playing time.  This is a testament to just how much the Redskins are lacking right now.  There are a lot of holes to plug and this draft provided a lot of cork.

4) Mike Shanahan is in control

Head coach Mike Shanahan is the man with a plan.  Any doubters about whether or not Shanahan should be wearing those big earphones on the sideline should finally be believers after this draft.  Those unbelievers who will continue to rave about the lack of a QB pick or his decision to start Grossman last year; I hear you, but right now I’m putting my faith into someone who has been to more Super Bowls than all of us combined.  This draft proves that owner Dan Snyder has given Shanahan (and his compatriots) full creative authority to run the team.

3) Dan Snyder is still in charge

Don’t think the fact that we didn’t trade five future draft selections for QB Cam Newton means Dan Snyder is sitting around in the dark.  When he’s not out drafting up frivolous lawsuits –please don’t sue me Dan- the buck still stops with him.  He has wisely chosen to let Shanahan make the big decisions.  Hopefully it will remain that way.

2) The QB situation will be resolved

Yes, there is a master plan for the QB position.  No, I don’t know what it is.  Honestly, I’m tired of guessing and I’m tired of the media prying on it.  No, the Redskins are not purposely going to play bad to draft Andrew Luck next year.  Sometimes you have to accept things on faith.  This is one of those instances.  Shanahan did not fail me in the draft, so I will let things play out at QB.  Beware the media’s infatuation with John Beck; it is just that.

1) Don’t believe the nay Sayers. 

Do not believe those who talk ill of the draft selections.  Overall consensus across the board by major sportswriters gives the Skins a C grade.  For the Skins, is that really that bad?  Not when compared to years past.  The Skins picked up a lot of new, young talent, which is something the Skins have not seen in years.  In fact, the Skins have not had this many selections in thirty, that’s right, thirty years.  Even some within the Redskins Nation are foretelling our ultimate doom this coming season, not having picked up enough offensive linemen and –I’m tired of saying it- a QB.  Don’t listen to them.  Will the Skins go to the Super Bowl at the end of this season? No.  But they have started with the building blocks necessary to get there.

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