Will Redskins look to Rice at Wide Receiver


With the departure of Santana Moss looking more and more like a reality, the Redskins are going into the 2011 season with a glaring need in the number 1 wide receiver slot.  It was widely thought that the team would make a run a Vincent Jackson this offseason due to Shanahan’s apparent obsession with him since draft day 2005.  Unfortunately for coach Shanahan, Jackson is off the market after being franchise tagged by the chargers, leaving the recently available Sidney Rice as the best free agent wide receiver.   Here are some of his Pros and Cons.


  • 6’4” 204 pounds
  • 24 years old
  • In 2009 he was selected to the pro bowl with eye popping numbers – 83 receptions, 1312 yards (15.8 per catch), and 8 touchdowns.
  • Rice is easily the most talented FA receiver available.  He is much better than cheaper options like James Jones, Steve Breaston, or Malcom Floyd and easily an upgrade over every receiver on the roster.


  • He is going to want a lot of cash based off of his 2009 success, we’re talking Brandon Marshall top 5 receiver in the league money, the amount of money that will make Redskins fans cringe.
  • His one good year took place in Brett Favre’s best year as a QB.  Before Favre came to town, Rice struggled to make his mark in the NFL, putting up numbers that were only slightly better than former Redskin and soon to be former NFL pro Devin Thomas.  (Devin Thomas’ first two years – 40 receptions, 445 yards, 3 touchdown; Sidney Rice’s first two years – 46 receptions, 537 yards, 8 touchdowns)
  • Rice sat out last year with a hip injury sustained in the NFC championship game.  He decided to forego surgery until August forcing him to miss half of the season.
  • In addition to Favre he always had Adrian Peterson in the backfield and a very solid offensive line protecting his QB, things the Skins do not have.
  • Last but certainly not least, we don’t have anyone who can throw him the ball!  Did I miss the news that Brett Favre was coming to DC for a final Super Bowl run (please no)?  No matter whom the QB is, whether it’s Rex Grossman or Cam Newton, no DC QB is going to elevate Rice close to the numbers he was able to put up in 09.

The argument for Rice is that he is a top flight receiver, that he will return to his 2009 form when healthy in 2011, and that he can really become a game changer in the Skins passing game.  He is better than Santana Moss so why couldn’t he put up similar numbers by taking his place as the number 1 receiver?  The argument against is that he is a one hit wonder who is mainly trying to cash in big time.  His hip injury is a possible health concern that teams need to worry about going forward.  But most importantly; while he is young, he will be what we like to call in the area, a typical Dan Snyder move.

Overpaying for an player with a lacking resume is something we’ve been accustomed to and this is a move that we can’t make until we are back in the playoff picture.  Unfortunately it looks like those days aren’t in the near future so let’s hold off on a guy like Rice and try to develop some youth, maybe sure up a couple other holes (QB?), at least for now.  The smarter move for our situation is going for one of the aforementioned receivers who are not as talented as Rice but could still develop into good players and provide an immediate upgrade.  Malcom Floyd or James Jones would both be good pickups for the Skins’ this offseason without breaking the bank.

Go Skins!