What we learned: 5 Redskins that have emerged

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#71 Trent Williams

Anybody that knows anything about football will tell you, you need a quarterback to win. This is very true, but the second most important position behind quarterbacks is the left tackle, you must seal the blind side and protect your quarterback. The Redskins lost future hall of fame tackle Chris Samuels and have really suffered alone the offensive line. Mike Shanahan, the zone blocking guru drafted  Trent Williams with the 4th overall pick in this past draft. Williams has failed to disappoint anybody, he has held his own against some of the leagues best pass rushers. Trent has played Suggs, Ware, Cole, Mario Williams, and Freeney, just to name a few. Trent Williams has also shown toughness fighting threw an obvious injury in a 4th quarter 2 minute situation. Williams will be a key contributor on this offense for years to come.