What should the Skins do with the 10th pick in the draft?


Every year the so called “experts” roll out their mock drafts and try to predict what each team will do in the draft and like most people I end up reading about a thousand different mock drafts each year…..

Whether it be Gabbert, Newton, Locker or Mallett it seems that many have come to the same conclusion the Redskins will be taking a quarterback with the 10th overall pick of the first round.

Is quarterback a position of concern for the Redskins? Yes
Is it the only position of concern for the Redskins? No

Some people talk as if drafting a quarterback will be a quick remedy to fixing what ails the team but it wont. Does drafting a quarterback make the offensive line better? Will it help fill the glaring holes the Redskins have on defense?

The answers are no and no the o-line will still need work, the Skins could still use some size at wide receiver and the defense will still be in need of upgrades at a number of positions. Drafting a quarterback 10th overall and putting him on the Redskins team as is could be setting him up for failure. The expectations and demands put upon him will be high and with the quarterback situation being what it is in Washington he could end up being thrown in to the fire sooner than later. And I mean well lets be honest odds are most rookie qb’s would be in for a rough time with the team the Redskins have built.

So what else could they do with the 10th overall pick?

There very well could be a number of players who would provide the Redskins with a much needed upgrade at at several different positions. I will go ahead and use the mock drafts of cbssports.com writers Rob Rang (has Skins taking Mallett) and Chad Reuter (has Skins taking Locker) and talk about options they have being drafted after the Skins pick.

Julio Jones- this 6 foot 4 wide receiver will definitely provide the Redskins with one thing they are lacking and that is size at the wide receiver position. Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong for the Redskins are under 6 foot tall.

Also in my opinion Moss in 2010 seemed to lack the ability to make the back breaking long touchdown receptions that he was known for making in the past. Moss did not have a touchdown reception of longer than 24 yards in 2010 which for him is highly abnormal. Granted he still made some long receptions but he did not break them for touchdowns. He did not make people miss tackles after the catch as often as he used to. To be honest I would like to see Moss become a number 2 receiver instead of a number 1 receiver.

With a trio of Jones, Moss and Armstrong to go along with tight ends Cooley, Davis and Paulsen the Redskins could potentially have the making of a pretty potent receiving core.

Derek Sherrod- Redskins starting right tackle in 2010 was Jammal Brown who was a 2x pro bowler at left tackle and will be a free agent this off season. I actually think Brown could be much improved next year because he was coming off of injuries that kept him out all of 2009. So he did have some rust and was still getting back in to game shape and I would not be surprised to see him play better next season.

Thing is though if a left tackle spot opens up I would not be surprised if Brown leaves town for a new team.

I know that Sherrod played more at left tackle but from the little I have seen of him I think he could play right tackle or heck even move to guard if need be. Having Trent Williams at one tackle and Sherrod at the other could help the Redskins solidify the o-line for years to come. As we all know the Skins offensive line has been a weak spot for a while now.

I know to some it may be a stretch but I like him but if not him they can take one of the other options on o-line

Von Miller- Washington is in desperate need of another 3-4 outside linebacker on the opposite end of Orakpo. Don’t get me wrong now I’m actually a fan of Lorenzo Alexander’s because he is the type of guy who will do anything the coaches ask of him. He plays special teams, has played o-line, has played d-line and in 2010 played outside linebacker.

Thing is though I don’t think Alexander is an outside linebacker at least not a starting outside linebacker. They need to get more athletic and get better pressure on the qb and Miller would give them just that. With the ability and potential of both Orakpo and Miller they could end up developing in to great players and key pieces in the long term rebuilding process for the Redskins.

Prince Amukama- One of the writers has him being taken after the Redskins pick and one has him going before the Skins pick. If he is around when the Skins draft he could be a possible pick for the Redskins.

Carlos Rogers will be a free agent this off season for the Redskins and to be honest I don’t see him wanting to come back next season. That is unless the Redskins pony up a multi year deal and pay him some money.

Other than having feet for hands I like Rogers and feel he was probably the best corner on the Redskins in 2010. For the Hall fans yes I know he was named to the Pro Bowl but honestly I don’t really think he was that deserving of it. Yes Hall has the ability to make plays but at the same time he is also very likely to be the guy that other teams make plays on. Hall is a gambler and in my opinion is not that solid in coverage and is actually behind Rogers in that category.

Amukama is probably the best corner in the draft when it comes to coverage. If Rogers leaves the Redskins will definitely be in the market for a shut down corner and those don’t come easy in free agency or by trades. So Amukama could be a possible target for the Redskins

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