Mock Draft [1/7/2011]: Redskins select a quarterback


Here is my first crack at doing the mock draft.  This is purely based on each player’s reviews, strengths, weaknesses, and ratings among others.

I based this totally on what I felt each team needed and what was available.  Look forward to this being updated weekly!


1. Carolina- A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

The Carolina Panthers are a team in flux and despite many feel they would go the quarterback route, I say they are going receiver.  This could have been a different story if Andrew Luck decided he was coming out, but instead there is no reason to continue loading up on quarterbacks when offensively you have needs.  Steve Smith isn’t getting any younger.

2. Denver-Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

The Broncos were the only team in the NFL worse on defense.  They will need to build this unit up from the outside in.  The secondary would get torched beyond belief.  Champ Bailey is easily in his twilight.

3. Buffalo-Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

I am really taking a chance here.  I feel this Buffalo team has the makings of becoming decent, but does not have a quarterback that gives them an identity.  Cam Newton could be the guy.  Money could be an issue, but you’re going to pick third anyway.

4. Cinncinatti- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

Marvin Lewis gets another year to fester in the Queen’s City so I feel they go D-End.  Not much of a shocker here.  I would take a receiver, A.J. Green if he falls, Ochocinco isn’t getting any younger.  Otherwise, I feel this is a good move.

5.Arizona-Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina

The sure thing here looks to be getting a QB.  But the defense needs work as well, plus I do think that Ken Wisenhunt may be in the market for a veteran QB after having a tough year with youngsters.

6. Cleveland-Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

I think the Browns are in turmoil and in a funk.  I think that Colt McCoy gets another decent shot at showing he can be the guy in Cleveland so the Browns go out and get him a target.

7. San Francisco-Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

We don’t even know who will be the coach, so I say they decide to start off fresh and end the Alex and Troy Smith era.  Gabbert’s big arm may come handy with such targets as Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.

8. Tennessee-Marcell Dareus, DE/DT, Alabama

The Titans decided they like Jeff Fisher more than they do Vince Young.  That said I can easily see them looking to bolster their defensive line with Dareus.  And no, I do not believe Albert Haynesworth is coming home.

9. Dallas-Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

Terrence Newman is getting old.  Mike Jenkins is over-rated. And Orlando Scandrick is awful.  Easy move here.

10. Washington-Jake Locker, Washington

I may be in the minority, but I think we go QB for the first time since….2007.  McNabb will be gone and the Shanahans will have quarterback problems next year.  Locker could be in there sooner than you think.

11. Houston-Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

Houston’s defense was awful.  They need to restock and re-build around the new 3-4 that Wade Phillips will be installing.  I think it is a good move to get someone who can play two positions.

12. Minnesota- Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Brett Favre is done.  Tavaris Jackson sucks and is gone.  They have a project in Joe Webb, so why not take another quarterback.  The offense should flow through Adrian Peterson anyway so if they go with a young Webb or even Mallett, the learning curve should be favorable.

13. Detroit-Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

Detroit is really on the fringe of being a good team.  However, playing the Patriots on Thanksgiving Day showed us where they really stand by going nuts all over the field on them.  Having a good stud corner in there should tighten things up and make this defense even better.

14. St. Louis, Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

Sam Bradford needs more targets, he needed them badly last Sunday night.  I think that this is easy if he is available to them at this point.

15. Miami-Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Ronnie Brown did not have a great year.  Ricky Williams could be done, especially after he mouthed out his coach who is now scorned and feeling no love.  Miami could use him back there.  Brown and Ingram could be a good combo.

16. Jacksonville-Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida

The Jaguars had trouble in the secondary and Rashean Mathis needs help.

17. New England-Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, California

Ty Warren is set to come back to New England, but Belichick could grab Jordan and give Warren a run for his money.

18.San Diego- Ryan Kerrigan, DE/OLB, Perdue

This is easy, with Shawn Merriman no longer in town, the Bolts will need a versatile coming off the corners.

19. New York Giants, Tryon Smith, OT, Southern California

The Giants have a had great run with their current group, but now may be time to move on.  If you think Rich Seubert being carted off the field in the season finale wasn’t a concern, then you are delusional.

20. Tampa Bay-Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

The Bucs are on the cusp of being a good team perhaps adding more depth to their offensive line may enhance their game.