Upon further review: The 2010 Redskins


2010 has been a great year for covering the Redskins.  The play on the field may not have been successful, but the road taken was certainly an interesting one.

2009 ended with the resignation of Vinny Cerato and the hiring of Bruce Allen as VP and GM for the Redskins.  Once Jim Zorn was fired as the head coach of the team, many already knew who would be the next head coach.

January: Mike Shanahan named Head Coach

Mike Shanahan, the deposed two-time Super Bowl winner from Denver, had taken one year off from football.  He watched as many games as he could and spent his free time doing work in preparation for his next job.  It was thought that Buffalo was a likely destination for Shanahan, but instead he was lured to Washington where he inked a five year deal.

February: Russ Grimm inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Maybe he was not the most talented of the “Hogs” but Russ Grimm was definitely the leader of that group.  His induction was a credit to those he played with and to those who coached him.  Where he may be the only one recognized with such an honor, what he represents will now certainly stand the test of time.

March: Notable Redskins released

Household names like Rock Cartwright, Ladell Betts, Antwaan Randel El, Randy Thomas, and Fred Smoot (pictured above) were released from the team.

April: Redskins trade for Donovan McNabb, Draft Trent Williams and trade Jason Campbell to the Raiders

It was Easter night when the football world was rocked with news of the Philadelphia Eagles trading franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb to division rival Washington Redskins.  News of the trade confirmed that the team was heading in a direction away from incumbent starter, Jason Campbell.

Later on that month, the Redskins used their first round pick to draft Trent Williams out of Oklahoma to replace Chris Samuels and play left tackle.  On day three of the draft, the Redskins and the Raiders reached a deal that sent Campbell to the Bay area.

May: Santana Moss revealed to have been treated by a doctor suspected of using HGH on patients

A forgotten story from 2010 was the revelation that Santana Moss was one of several professional athletes treated to Canadian doctor Anthony Galiea.  Moss did not admit to any wrong doing.

Yahoo Sports reported:

"Moss told a small group of players last week that he was treated by Dr. Anthony Galea. Daniels indicated that Moss portrayed the treatments as routine and did not involved any banned substances.Daniels says he believes Moss is “telling us the truth.”Moss referred questions on the matter to coach Mike Shanahan after Wednesday’s off-season practice. Shanahan says he has spoken with Moss and is confident the veteran wideout will not be suspended."

June: Redskins trade for Jamaal Brown and Haynesworth skips mandatory mini camp

The Redskins looked to bolster their offensive line by trading with the New Orleans Saints for offensive tackle Jamaal Brown.

Meanwhile, Albert Haynesworth skipped the mandatory mini camp.  This move raised questions to whether he would remain with the team, if he would get fined and suspended and other scenarios.

July: Haynesworth reports to camp and fails the conditioning test

The mockery of Albert Haynesworth commenced when he failed the now famous shuttle run.  The treatment of Haynesworth appeared to the tone in which Mike Shanahan would conduct business throughout the season: often unexplainable and unecessary.

August: Haynesworth is suffering from rhabdomyolysis

Training camp continued and pre season play commenced and it was soon discovered why Albert Haynesworth could not stay on the field.  He was suffering from a condition called rhabdomyolysis, this made him tired easy and fast.  Makes sense now.

September: Redskins go 1-2, offense not consistent

The Redskins go a huge emotional win over the Dallas Cowboys, but lost a shoot out with the Houston Texans in which they should have won.  However, a loss at St. Louis happened to be tip of the ice berg revealing the insufficiencies of the Redskins.  The defense was not able to adjust, the offense would not click when it needed to.  We would see this time and time again during the course of the season.

October: Redskins go 3-2, McNabb has a few ups and many downs

The Redskins won in spite of a poorly played game by McNabb against his former team where they beat the Eagles 17-14.  The following week, McNabb was beat up like a rag doll due to poor play by the offensive line and the incredible pass rushing skill on of Clay Matthews, however the team was able to rally from that to win at home versus Green Bay.

However, this month will always be remembered by the interception that led to the benching of McNabb which led to this:

November: Redskins go 1-2, McNabb signs huge extension, and get blown out by the Eagles

It is already November and the Redskins offense and McNabb have not gotten any better.  On November 15th, the Redskins hosted the Eagles and lost 59-28.  Earlier that day Donovan McNabb signed a contract extension worth up to $78 million over five years.  The contract however has an opportunity for an early release with no consequences.

December: Redskins are 1-3 by week 17, McNabb benched and wants release, Haynesworth suspended

The month started out with Albert Haynesworth being suspended until the end of the regular season.  Reasons for his suspension stemmed from him showing up late to a meeting after a night of drinking.  He is expected to meet with team officials at the conclusion of the season.

Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb is no longer the quarterback of the Redskins.  Rex Grossman is.  After posting impressive numbers in a loss to Dallas, he was sent back to earth after a mediocre performance in Jacksonville.  Prior to the game at Jacksonville a report leaked of McNabb seeking his release at the end of the season.