Redskins owner Dan Snyder says to fans “Have a little Patience”


Oh Danny boy, the fans, the fans are booing……….. Redskins owner Dan Snyder made a rare interview appearance Thursday  following a dedication ceremony at the Youth for Tomorrow school and in the interview he addressed the current state of the Redskins. So lets go ahead and take a look at some of the quotes he left us with

"When you have a new organization in place with Bruce Allen and his team, and coach Shanahan and all new coaches, things take a little time for them to shape what they want to do"

"Obviously where we are right now in the season is not where we want to be, but we’re making progress as an organization, and I’m feeling great about Mike and Bruce. They’ve got great leadership. We’re in good hands……. Just have a little patience"

Please don’t talk to me about patience… actually you know what Danny boy you want to talk patience? Ok

85 wins and 103 losses… That is the Redskins record since having been bought by Dan Snyder in May of 1999

Patience and loyalty are two things that the Redskins fans have had in abundance while waiting for you to finally right the ship and give them a team worthy of cheering for. They have sat back and watched as head coach after head coach has rolled in and out of town each time bringing in new offensive and defensive schemes with them. Redskins fans have sat through 5 losing seasons and is it sits now this season will make 6 and they have also sat through another 3 seasons of .500 records.

For all of their patience what have the Redskins fans been rewarded with? 3 playoff appearances and just 3 winning seasons over the 12 seasons that Snyder has been owner. If you ask me that’s not much considering the fans continue to fill the seats no matter how bad the team may be, they purchase the jerseys and other various Redskin related items, they watch the games on tv and they continue to cheer for their team. So stop preaching patience to the Redskins faithful and start giving them a product worthy of the time and devotion that they put in to being Redskin fans.

Yes it can take some time when you bring in a new coach but so far there has been Turner, Schottenheimer, Spurrier, Gibbs, Zorn and now Shanahan. Now I can’t speak for every single Redskin fan but I would love to finally see some continuity for the Redskins instead of constantly changing coaches and schemes every couple of seasons.

So stop bringing in one coach after another if Mike Shanahan decides to retire in a couple of seasons if Kyle is still with the team and they are doing better promote him to be the new head coach. Hire inside the organization so that way it does not turn in to a whole new thing of having to wait a couple seasons for a new offense to be learned because that is starting to get old.

Oh or how about this stop bringing in overprice athletes that never live up to their salary (Haynesworth, Archuletta, etc, etc). Honestly that money could be better spent on players that will actually help the team. For the price you paid Haynesworth to do next to nothing on the field this season you could have been paying a couple guys who would have actually played.

Ok yes sure things are not all bad and there has been some positive steps for the Redskins this year such as the firings of Vinny Cerrato and Jim Zorn, the hiring of Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, the drafting of Trent Williams and the suspension of Albert Haynesworth. Plus there has also been a few unexpected bright spots such as the success of both Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong who look as if they will be solid pieces to the team going forward.

So there is some hope for the future and like every other true Redskin fan I will continue to hope for the best each week because I will always have some sort of patience for the team. Now as for my patience and the owner well that’s another story….

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