The Redskins will be better next year, and heres why (Part 2)


When will the Redskins become relevant again?

We last discussed how this Redskins team, currently playing dreadful football, go to where it is now.  What can we count on happening for this team to get better?

The purging of the last six years

Mike Sellers, Clinton Portis, and Santana Moss are the leading names among those who are linked to the closest we got as a franchise to a winning team.  Some of the finest to play under Joe Gibbs during his second tenure here with the Redskins.  However, it is clear their time here has clearly passed.

Watching Mike Sellers miss an open catch that he could have gained 20 yards easily or Santana Moss nearly loaf after a Donovan McNabb interception are signs of weariness.  They may have lost their passion for playing for this team.  They may have lost their passion for playing the game.

I do not hate them for that.   They will always be remembered for their plays that endeared themselves to the fans for many years.  No one will forget Mike Sellers and his insane 2005 season where we found out he could be a more than just a blocking force scoring eight touchdowns.  No one will forget Santana Moss and his Midnight Miracle in Dallas.  If you are a fan, you keep the good and will always remember it.

With that said, however, Mike Shanahan squeezed out as much as he could get out of players like the ones mentioned and perhaps will be moving on.  That is, of course, probably for the better.

Donovan McNabb will be better

Raise your hand if you thought McNabb would have a similar season to Steve McNair when he led the Ravens to a 13-3 record in 2006.  I admit, I was drinking the Kool Aid –especially after the Houston game.  However, there were huge differences between the two and therefore make the comparison irrelevant.

Steve McNair came into a system that already existed in Baltimore.  So he just picked it up.  McNabb on the other hand was learning a new system that was also being installed as well.  Everyone knew he would struggle, no one wanted to admit it.  Also the Ravens have the Ravens defense.  The Redskins installed the 3-4 defense for the first time in its 78-year existence.

This team tried to compete under McNabb, but when it realized that it may not be possible to make a stretch run, they punted on the season.

Not McNabbs’ fault the season is going the way it is.  However, most of the errors he commits are.  Perhaps in hindsight, its all out of desperation.  McNabb is on pace for 4,099 yards in a season and that would be a Redskins record.  Yes, its mainly out of playing catch-up ball but he is capable of doing big things if he has the right tools.

Youth are getting an audition

Brandon Banks, Terrence Austin, and Trent Williams are getting their chance this year.  Williams they invested heavily on but players like Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong were pleasant surprise.  As I mentioned in earlier, the Redskins are purging.  These may be the faces of the franchise as early as next year.

Ryan Torain impressed in limited time.  Keiland Williams had his bright spots.  And yesterday, James Davis showed he has some burst.  The Redskins will need to invest in youth to complete for the long haul.

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Please check back later on today on how I believe the defense will improve as well as the conclusion.  You can find it here only on Riggo’s Rag.