In the spirit of Christmas Skins offense held a Giveaway


Don’t get me wrong part of it can be credited to the Giants defense but when an offense throws 2 interceptions and fumbles the ball 6 times (4 of which they lost) its not a good sign for that offense.

Donovan McNabb- 2 interceptions thrown, 3 fumbles only 1 of which was lost
Anthony Armstrong- 1 interception and it was lost
Chris Cooley- 1 interception and it was lost
Keiland Williams- 1 interception and it was lost

When you turn the ball over on interceptions/fumbles a total of 6 times chances are you are going to lose the game 99.9% of the time and that’s why coaches preach do not turn the ball over on offense.

When you just give the ball away the it takes away any momentum you may have been building and puts it back in the hand of the other team.  For example of the 6 turnovers 4 of them came inside of the Giants territory and 1 of the 4 was on a pass into the Giants end zone. So right there you hand the ball back to the other team on drives where you were closing in on scoring.

So in my opinion who on offense hurt the Redskins the most? Well honestly I know that this will not go over well with some but it was Donovan McNabb.

Often times I see and hear people give him a pass and make excuses for him saying well his o-line played poorly, his receivers dropped passes and so on and so on. Which a lot of the time is true but some of these people are the same ones that were ready to chase Jason Campbell out of town while he was here. Where were the excuses for Campbell? He played with a worse line and in more unstable conditions than what Donovan McNabb has in Washington so its time we hold him accountable for some of his play.

There were times in the game especially in the second half when he had protection and the Giants were not getting any pressure on him yet he would still make a bad pass. That right there is on McNabb just like how at times he would hold the ball too long or how sometimes he didn’t spot the open receiver and threw the ball to where there was not much of a play to be made. Both of his interceptions came on bad passes and of his three fumbles two were definitely on him and could have been avoided. He made more than a few mistakes for example take the interception in the Giants end zone people will say oh well Moss could have tried harder to break it up but to be honest the pass should never have happened. McNabb had a clear view of the defender and made a horrible pass that he should not have. People tend to look at what he did in Philly and the success he had there and give him a pass here saying oh well he is good so it must just be the team. Well yea its true the Redskins are not the Eagles because yes the Eagles are better but that also means his flaws got hid a little better there because they still won. Truth though is McNabb has never been an accurate quarterback, he is getting older and is just not having a good year.

I’m not saying bench him because yes he is probably the best option the Redskins have but fans and even analysts I heard after the game need to stop making every excuse under the sun for McNabb and actually hold him accountable for his play. McNabb needs to step it up over the last 4 games……