For Dallas Cowboys hindsight is 20/20


(Watch this diddy while you can.  This guy takes it down when they lose. Enjoy the train wreck)

After the Cowboys got their cherry popped several times by the Green Bay Packers, doom was certain for one tubby head coach, Wade Phillips. Though the team had been play with no heart up until that point, it was clear a lamb (or hippopotamus) needed to be sacrifice.

Queue Jason Garrett.

Jason Garrett has been as responsible for the Cowboys poor offense play-calling, but was next in line to inherit the team’s head coaching duties.  The immediately responded and won their first two games under him.  Some fans and players alike are back on the playoff/Super Bowl bandwagon.

Before the Cowboys got on their 2-game winning streak, I consulted a fellow FanSided Lead Writer/Editor Josh Sanchez of the Cowboy’s Blog “The Landry Hat”. He is a huge Cowboys fan, but also level headed.  I asked him what he thought of the Garrett-era and where he thought that Cowboys team was going.

Ryan:In you opinion,did these Cowboys act like an entitled bunch?  Acting as if the 5 titles are equally theirs…and that they would have an easy walk to a 6th?

"J0sh: Absolutely they did. They let all of the hype get to their own heads and as soon as they lost that first game of the season it was like they had an, “oh no, maybe we aren’t who we thought we were” moment. As the season went on, they kept faith in themselves until any moment of adversity. The smallest thing would go against them and the team would shut down. It’s a direct result of the lack of accountability from the pathetic coaching staff."

Ryan: Do you think Jason Garrett can get this ship turned around?

"Josh: Unfortunately, I don’t think he can. He is approaching the job with the right attitude and he’s trying to instill some sort of toughness to the team. Hopefully they buy into it, but it’s going to take more than half a season and that seems to be all Garrett has with this team. Barring an unbelievable winning streak in the tough upcoming schedule, Garrett’s days in Dallas are 56 days and counting."

Ryan: Can Jason Garrett, a former Cowboy himself, restore the pride back into these players?

"Josh: Not many Cowboys fans are hopeful that Garrett is the man. He was the guy in charge of the offense this season and no one has been happy with the play-calling. He loves the passing game too much and becomes too one-dimensional. It will also be interesting to see how he goes from coordinator to head coach in less than a week. That is a lot to put on a guys plate, and I think Garrett will be overwhelmed."

Ryan: The Boys have nothing left but to play for pride.  Are there players left on this team that will honor that?

"Josh: Absolutely. You can often see how the team seems to give up, but there are a few guys who seem to give effort no matter what. Dez Bryant is a stud and never stops giving it his all. He makes play after play for the team even when it is all but over. Back-up tight end Martellus Bennett also brings forth the effort. You just have to look at his late game catch against the Packers where he wouldn’t go down and kept pushing for the extra yards when the team was already down 45-7. Plays like that are rare for the Cowboys at this point in the season, but Bryant and Bennett’s youthfulness and energy have really been the bright spot."

Obviously the Cowboys and their fans are riding high, and so they should. As a Redskins fan, I love to bash the ‘Boy and kick ’em while they are down.  As an objective writer I do think this team is dangerous. I do not think they will come close to the wild card spot?  Why? Because when you spot the rest of the division seven loses you give yourself as much breathing room as a live person locked in a coffin, six feet under.  It’s true.  The Cowboys still have Indy, Philly twice, and the Saints this Thursday.  They win two of those games at best, and no way in hell a 7-9 team wins the NFC East.  Philly is too hot right now, the Giants are still technically in it, and the Redskins are one game behind them.

Where I feel the Cowboys are dangerous is in thier youth department.  They need to play these games with the intention to build for the future.  That is if they care.  If they play in hopes of getting one more chance to play in this year’s Super Bowl, then I feel it will be much more of the same comedy we have been acustomed to seeing so far this year.

Saints at Cowboys: Saints 34-21.

For all things Cowboys, look no further than The Landry Hat.  Josh Sanches runs a great site regarding all things Dallas Cowboys and the NFL.  Check him out today.