10 things the Redskins must do to beat the Titans


The Washington Redskins are spiraling into the abyss of mediocrity.  That should be okay since they have frequented those parts for the better part of the last twenty years and they know their way around.  However, if fans need something to cheer themselves up with there is hope.  The last two major blowouts the Redskins suffered, they earned playoff berths in those same exact seasons.  In 2005, the were shutout 36-0 at the Meadowlands and made the playoffs with a 10-6 record.  In 2007, they lost 52-7 to the Patriots in New England, finished with a 9-7 record and earned yet another wild card spot.

This year may not be so easy as the NFC is awfully tight, and two of the hottest teams in the NFC happen to be in their division.  To make things more difficult, they go to Tennessee to face a Titans team that has won every NFC East game they have played this year.

The Titans will be a difficult challenge, and many feel it is not likely they win. However, we have found a list of 10 things they Skins could do to escape the land of Elvis with a win.

1. Find a way to slow down Chris Johnson. I said, slow him down.  This guy is probably the best running back of his era, yes even better than Adrian Peterson.  He makes the offense go, and at times he is the offense.

2. Frustrate Vince Young. Of the last few years, Vince Young has overcome his own shortcomings and immaturity but he still has not peaked into the field general many thought he would be coming out of college.  Force him to make enough mistakes to keep him from finding a rhythm will greatly improve the Skins chances of winning.

3. Get the running backs involved. At this point it doesn’t matter who is in the backfield — Torain, Williams, or even Portis if he is healthy enough.  The Redskins have been painfully one dimensional.  If McNabb and his receivers are to have some success, a back –or two– will have to have success out of the backfield.

4.McNabb needs to find his mojo. McNabb is not a top tier quarterback, but he is not totally worthless.  His play this season has not been indicative of what he is truly capable of doing.  If he finds a groove, that could mean good things for the Redskins.

5. The Redskins defensive line must be able to apply pressure. Versus the Eagles, the Redskins looked putrid and basically had the best seats in the house watching Michael Vick take his game into the stratosphere.

6. The Redskins secondary must make plays, and play tougher in coverage. This is not an understatement.  It is more of a plea.  The Titan’s receiving core is hurt.  Randy Moss did nothing last week.  They need a good game.

7.The kick and punt coverage teams must hold the Titans’ returns to a minimum. Give them the whole field to work with.  They have a great kicker who can make chip shots from their parking lot.

8. Brandon Banks must have a good return game. Plain and simple.  In Detroit he gave the team a chance to win.  He will be needed from here on out to put this team in a position to win.  A short field at times can be a great distance.

9. Graham Gano needs to make his kicks. Fans piss and moan about the team settling for kicks, at this point the Redskins need the points.

10. The wide receivers needs to have a decent game. Plain and simple.  Help bail out McNabb by extending plays, finishing routes, and DUUUH making routine catches.

Is this the winning recipe for a win? No, but it can help.