The Redskins cannot lose to the Lions


Looking back, to move forward

The Redskins could lose, they may lose, but they cannot afford to lose. Last year the Redskins were reeling off a lousy 9-7 win over the St. Louis Rams before heading in to Ford Field in Detroit to face a lowly Lions team that had lost 19 straight games, and we all know what happened there.  A 19-14 loss just about doomed the rest of the Redskins’ season, and that credit goes to a Lions team that well deserved that win.

Moving forward, this Redskins team still has plenty of players who were on that that team, that still taste the bitter memory of that humiliating defeat.  Brian Orakpo, who cashed in on his first sack that game, is well aware of what this means and has no plans of leaving the Motor City without a win.

Orakpo posted this on his blog.

"We cannot relent this week vs. Detroit. Last year, the Lions snapped a 19-game losing streak with their 19-14 win in week 3. The loss still stings today. Unfortunately, it caused our season to spin out of control after a cascade of criticism from the media and fans. We couldn’t block out the devastating loss and my teammates stopped believing in each other.This year is different. The players on this team have displayed the heart and drive necessary to win from day one. We have a new coaching staff and new blood. Everyone has put their egos aside and has decided to play as one. The Lions will see a different team on Sunday.Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford will be returning from a shoulder injury and is an excellent quarterback. He has a huge arm, is extremely competitive and plays with the fire and desire to win. There is a reason why the Lions drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick two years ago.Every week is big, but the game against the Lions will have added importance. We enter the bye week after the game and would much rather be 5-3, than 4-4. With a loss, the sour memories of the game will stay with us during our entire week off. We owe them for embarrassing us last year."

The Skins need this win badly.

Playing the Detroit Lions

Let’s at least give the Lions credit.  They played every game tough, and have been better on getting on the board than the Skins.

Zac Snyder, of the Side Lion Report – a Detroit Lion’s Blog, chimed in on what he thought his team’s chances were against the Burgundy and Gold.

Riggo’s Rag: Can the Lions beat the Redskins, and are you confident it will happen?

"Zac Snyder: I’ll go as far as 50-50. The only game I felt that the Lions had no shot at winning was their game at Green Bay. In that game they shocked me by playing Green Bay tough, especially defensively, and were one stop short of having an opportunity to tie or take the lead. The Lions have played well at home so far this year and this will only be their third game there this year. Coming off a week of rest and playing infront of their home fans should give them a good chance to win. That being said, I still have a hard time actually picking the Lions to win a game."

RR: I know you have at least some tape on the Skins from this season, so if the game went down to the wire –say 17-13 – who would come out on top?

"ZS: At that score, I would have to say the Lions for the simple fact that they are an offensive team. I don’t see them coming off a bye week with a home game and only scoring 13 points. If you say it is a close game 37-33 then I might say the Redskins won it but I expect the Lions to put up some points. They aren’t strangers to close games themselves, they just haven’t been able to get over the hump yet."

RR: Does Matthew Stafford have what it takes to duplicate his effort from last season?

"ZS: I think so. He is the type of quarterback that commands respect immediately. He is a hard worker, has all the physical ability in the world, and had that “it” quality that all leaders have. He doesn’t seem like the kind of player that can have his confidence shattered by a few interceptions of a losing streak. It shouldn’t hurt his swagger to finally get back on the field, especially against an opponent he beat last year."

RR: Finally, what is your score and prediction for the game?

"ZS: I have a hard time picking the Lions to win but what the heck, I’ll do it anyway. Lions 27, Redskins 20"

The confidence is high on both side of the blogging ball. I am picking the Skins to win, and I will tell you how tomorrow on Riggo’s Rag.