Hands On The Ground


Its now well known that the Redskins will being using the 3-4 base defense next season. Many people either are questioning how this will be done.  Do the Skins have the proper personnel to run this scheme?  Will they have to reach into their pockets and recruit high priced free agents that fit the scheme? Is it wise attempting such a switch with not guarantee that this will work and make the defense more effective?  None of these questions can be answered at this point of the off season, but one could speculate.

This week we heard that the Redskins could possibly be pursuing Julius Peppers (DE). Karlos Dansby’s (LB) name has also been linked with possibly joining the Redskins.  This is all speculation right now, and they may or not be here come free agency.  Let’s focus on who we have now.  If the season started tomorrow who do I think would be lining up?


DE-Jeremy Jarmon: Last season Jarmon showed he could get to the quarterback, and cause disruption in the backfield.  He had a breakout game vs. Tampa Bay last season, and I look for him to develop this coming season.

NT-Albert Haynesworth: Sure this isn’t his natural position, but he has two things that prove to be a huge asset to this position: he’s big as hell and as strong as they come.  Haynesworth is sure to be the big presence they need in the middle, granted he can stay on the field.

DE-Philip Daniels: He is getting older but I think his experience gives him a bit of a an edge.  He is slowing down, but is still very strong.  I think this is one area where needs are addressed in the off season.  This is a position I think a Julius Peppers-like player can really be an effective add on.


OLB-Andre Carter: Last season Carter really set a personal tone, getting sacks in the double digits.  Carter played this position once before in San Francisco, but admitted when he arrived in Washington that he preferred playing at defensive end.

ILB-Rocky McIntosh: Most likely would be playing out of position here. Considering that he was tendered only with a second round pick as compensation, shows that there is not much confidence in his ability to make the change.

ILB-London Fletcher: The heart of this defense for a long time, but will he fit in? With the 3-4 attacking different gaps that those of the 4-3, does Fletcher smaller size put him at a disadvantage?

OLB-Brian Orakpo: This choice is obvious.  The question now is, will Orakpo have as much success here as he did last year?  This would be his second year at LB, hopefully he has been able to grow into the role.

Defensive Backfield

LCB-DeAngelo Hall: His ball hawking skills will be much needed, and his tackling will need to improve.

SS-Reed Doughty: I honestly think Doughty’s experience and savvy gets him in over Chris Horton.  There were plenty of incompetent plays in that portion of the field, and unless a “true” free safety isn’t brought in and Landry doesn’t come to FS, then Doughty is the best choice.

FS-Laron Landry: Not my first choice for the role, but he is most athletic guy back there.  He needs to work on his position and proper tackling.  He has been defended by his teammates for being out of position and being “confused” after being asked to do too much.

RCB-Carlos Rogers: Rogers has expressed his desire to be on this team next year. He may or may not be here. If he is a new scheme may do him good.  He is not a “shut down” corner, but he needs to work on his hands.