2010 Draft on the Hoizon

Last week I was asked by the guys over at Arrowheadaddict.com (a Kansas City Chiefs Blog in the Fansided Network) who I thought the Redskins should pick.  This began the long pondering and various considerations I had for who I believe the Redskins should pick. The Redskins hold the 4th overall pick, and are in good position to pick up a solid player. Number 4 overall doesn’t give you a no brainer, but it gives you plenty of room consider you options.

The “Snyderatto” Era is over, and we are all looking to Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen to implement their own draft strategy.  Most writers and experts expect the Redskins to be splashy and look to take a quarterback.  And why not, this has been the culture of this organization for the last decade.  It may be a hard sell to most experts that Snyder will actually allow “Football People” make football decisions.  In any case we will look at it from various angles.

What do I think will happen?

There is plenty of time between now and the NFL Scouting Combines and individual team work outs.  Last year it seemed Andre Smith was a sure Top 5 pick.  He was then selected 6th by the Bengals but had many bad Combine Reviews.  That’s the thing, you don’t know what can happen between now and then.  Now, concerning the Redskins, there are several things I think could happen.

Mike Shanahan has been out of football for a year, but has watched a ton of football during his hiatus.  I am certain his football savvy will not have taken a hit during his time away.  I believe Shanahan has a plan set, and perhaps had one prior to him even taking the Redskins job.  The going knock on Shanahan was he never won without John Elway.  Well Elway never won a Super Bowl without Shanahan. While in Denver, Shanahan worked with Elway, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, and Jay Cutler.  I think deep down Shanahan feels he and his son Kyle can develop a fundamentally sound quarterback, and do not need the most sought after signal caller in the draft.  Bruce Allen has also said that the Redskins plan on taking the best player available.  I will not take him for verbatim, but I do think he will get best player that fits what the need.  And what they need is help on the offensive line.

Who is my PICK?

It is still early, but for now I am looking for the Redskins to use their 4th pick on Russell Okung. When Arrowhead Addict asked what I was liked about Okung:

"Okung is a big, fast Offensive lineman. Standing at 6′5 and weighing right around 300 pounds, he is the perfect for the system that Mike and Kyle Shanahan look to implement in Washington. From most scouting reports he is quick and light on his feet. His strong and can use his strengths while moving laterally. He is also said to be great in picking up blitzes and recognizing them."

I would love for offensive line to be at the forefront of the priority list for the Skins. Gems at quarterback are available late.  Who are they?  I have no idea, but that’s why those guys in Ashburn get paid millions.

Do I think it is a mistake taking a Quarterback?

No, not at all.  I like Jason Campbell, but I cannot foresee what this new coaching regime has planned for him.  With a bad offensive line situation and injuries sidelining many Redskins starters, Campbell still had 3618 yards, 20 touchdowns, and only 15 interceptions.  The stats are decent but what the Redskins need is a winner.  Campbell is only 19-35 as a starter, and if he wants to inked in the future team plans here or anywhere, he must prove that he can be a winner.

Based on what I think the Front Office will do, I think a quarterback will still be selected.  Developing talent rather than grooming a star should be goal of this coaching staff.