An Interview with the Enemy: Redskins Guy talks with BirdsFan


In honor of this week’s matchup with the Eagles, Mike from was kind enough to agree to swap written interviews with us.  He got to ask us questions about the Redskins and we asked him some questions about the Iggles.

You can check out my interview here.

Here’s what birdsfan had to say in response to my questions:

RedskinsGuy:  Do the Eagles really have a legitimate chance of winning a Superbowl this year, or are they just fighting to see if they can be one of the teams to lose in the first round of the playoffs?

BirdsFan: At this point I’d have to lean towards option B.  Offensively, I think they definitely have the talent to put up points on just about any defense.  There is room for improvement in the run game but I think it could be successful with some better play calling.  We have a pass first offense and I guess that’s somewhat of a good thing given the weapons we have at receiver.  DeSean Jackson is already a stud and I hope to see Jeremy Maclin follow closely in those footsteps.  He’s shown us already that he has the potential.
I don’t think this team can win a Super Bowl with the defense they have right now.  The only chance they would have would be a total shoot out with both teams scoring 40+ points and the Eagles having the last possession.  As Eagles fans we have the expectations for a ring every year; however, with all the hits the defense has taken this year I see it hard for them to compete for one.

RG: Is Kevin Kolb the Eagles future or do you need to keep looking?  How soon is that future going to happen?

BF: If you saw Kevin Kolb in the two games he got to start this year, it definitely looks like he’s got the potential to be good.  The Eagles are young at all their skill positions except quarterback.  However, they have a proven guy here already.  Donovan McNabb is the quarterback of this team and will be next year.  I’m sure it sucks to be Kevin Kolb and have to spend so much time on the bench and we’ll never know how he truly feels about that.  If he can wait out the end of the Donovan McNabb era (which isn’t TOO far off), I think he can step in and be effective.

RG: How badly are the Eagles going to beat on the Redskins this weekend?  Is there any way they could muck it up and lose?  How embarrassed would you be if the Eagles lost to the lowly Redskins this year?

BF: The Eagles could definitely come out soft and end up with a loss on Sunday.  I’m not expecting it at all but from the inconsistent play the Birds have shown, I can’t rule it out.  The Eagles got themselves back on the right track beating the Bears and need to continue to ride the momentum.  The great thing about the NFC is that teams seem to keep you in the playoff hunt much longer than necessary and the Eagles have taken advantage of this more than once.  I will be real pissed off if the Eagles lose on Sunday but I don’t see it happening.

RG: Do you ever voluntarily sing the Eagles fight song?  What about in public??

BF: Of course I do.  It’s got an especially nice rhythm when you’re drunk.  I hope to be singing it early and often on Sunday.  We don’t sing it on field goals so the Birds better stop settling for three.  I’d like to not have a voice Monday morning.

RG: What’s your take on the reputation Eagles fans have? Is it unfair or is it fully justified?

BF: Personally, I embrace it.  Is that a bad thing?  I don’t really think so.  It may be unfair for those who don’t like it and are labeled with it, but oh well.  If you don’t like it, I’ll just boo you too.  I love hating other teams and love to be hated by other teams.

RG: The Redskins Nation is still awaiting an official apology over the Chief Zee incident. Are you willing to extend one to us?

BF: Can’t say I have the authority to do that.  You come to our house in anything but Eagles gear, you gotta be ready for the worst.

RG: What do Eagles fans think about T.O. now that he’s become a homeless drifter living in upstate New York (which is more or less the same thing as playing for the Bills)?  Do you feel pity? Satisfaction?

BF: I feel very satisfied.  The guy is and always has been a complete asshole.  He puts it all on himself so I can’t feel bad for him.  He’s gone up to New York to rot and I love it.  You had almost 200 yards receiving last week?  That’s great, no one cares.  Remember when you came back to Philly, we chanted OD, and you short armed balls across the middle because you thought Brian Dawkins was gonna rip your head off?  Yea, me too.  Rot in hell T.O.

RG:  How did you react when McNabb was drafted by the Eagles? Admit it, you booed him, didn’t you?

BF: I can’t say I booed but I must admit I was among the group who was on the Ricky Williams bandwagon.  He was a bull in college.  However, I did follow Donovan’s career at Syracuse so I wasn’t upset when they drafted him.  I knew what he was capable of and knew they got a top player.  Can’t say I wouldn’t mind seeing Ricky in an Eagles jersey in the backfield with Donovan now though.

RG: Which team is more evil, the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants?

BF: Definitely the Cowboys.  For me, it’s not even close.  The recent lack of success in Dallas is extremely enjoyable for everyone in Philly and I can’t wait for December so we can all watch Tony Romo fall apart and get socked by Roy Williams on the sideline.  I’m definitely looking forward to the Week 17 rematch at the new Cowgirl stadium.