Redskins' "The Posse" #8...Sonny's Crew #5 WR corps of all time...?

Browsing through youtube reliving some old Washington Redskins memories, I came across this video of THE POSSE . After realizing that the video I was watching was part of some kind of list, I immediately became irate because in my opinion there cannot be 7 better WR corps in the history of the NFL…right? I scrambled the world wide web to find the remainder of the list because I refused to rest until I found and dissected this travesty. Below is the rankings from the NFL Network Top 10 WR Corps list:

10. 2000’s Colts
9. Late 90’s Vikings
8. 80’s/early 90’s Redskins
7. Dolphins’ Mark Brothers and Nat Moore
6. 70’s Raiders
5. 60’s Redskins (Sonny’s Crew)
4. 80’s 49ers
3. 50’s Rams
2. Greatest Show on Turf (Rams 1999-2001)
1. San Diego Chargers “Air Coryell”

After viewing this list and all of the video evidence supplied, Ive come to the conclusion that The Posse and Sonny’s Crew should be #1 and #2 and I am going to prove it to you…

#7-Dolphins’ Mark Brothers and Nat Moore… they were good but had Dan Marino who is arguably the best QB of all time…plus they would have a case is all 3 were named Mark. Mark, Mark and Nat doesn’t ring a bell.

#6- 70’s Raiders…Three reasons: 1. They were coached by Madden…he made them! 2. “The Holy Roller” You cant be known for probably the flukest touchdown in the history of football and be ranked higher than The Posse. 3. They cheated! They had Stick um globbed on their socks! They used so much stick um they couldnt even open gum wrappers (literally) Could they really catch that good without the stick um…? I think not.

#4- 80’s 49ers… Jerry Rice was SO GOOD that defenses said we aren’t even going to worry about these other guys…let them do their thing, lets focus on Rice! This corp isnt eligible.

#3- 50’s Rams…I don’t care how many Hall of Famers they have on this team. 1. They lost the title game to a team who’s QB wore an offensive lineman’s #60 (Otto Graham, Who just happened to be a coach for the Redskins during Sonny’s era) 2. They lost the title game to the replacement team that replaced them in Cleveland!! 3. There isnt enough visual video evidence to prove they were good enough to be considered this high…plus in the 50’s there was only 12 teams! More Hall of Famer’s by default.

#2- “The Greatest Show on Turf” (99-01 Rams) …They were the absolute truth HOWEVER, their best WR was their RB!! How are they eligible?? Ricky Proehl or Ricky Sanders?? Has any other WR caught a pass thrown by the President of the United States?? I think not!

#1- Chargers’ “Air Coryell” ……………………………………………………………………………….. They would be my #3 pick because 2 of the WR’s listed didn’t even play the whole season with the Chargers! They traded him over a contract dispute…sounds like somebody wasn’t being a team player. Art Monk didn’t want more money; he wanted to win!

Thus confirming why the top of this list should be:

#2 Sonny’s Crew had the NFL’s leading passer with the #1,2 and 4 WR’s in the league that year! Two of the WR’s were properly converted from RB to WR (Bobby Mitchell and Charley Taylor) and perhaps the most underrated Tight End ever. It doesn’t get much better than that folks. Had they won the big show I could easily place them #1 but…..

#1 The Posse…burned the NFL up with whoever was throwing the ball…Doug Williams, Stan Humphries, Mark Rypien…whoever!! Winning 2 Super Bowls with 2 different QB’s in the meantime. Art Monk was at the time #1 in the history of the NFL in receptions.  I’d love to debate this topic with anyone bold enough to go to bat for their favorite corp. Hail to the Redskins!!!

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