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It is interesting to say the least that the last 7 days in Ashburn, VA have been as intense as it has gotten in quite some time.  The latest installment in this offseason’s saga is all about Albert Hayensworth. Should he leave? Should he stay.  If you ask me, this is a huge mess. Any Rick could see that this type of distraction.  Some feel that this mess is has been made worse by the current staff. I tend to be in the middle with this.

One year ago, as Haynesworth was signed, I was on the side that approved of the signing.  I thought what he brought to the table would bring a new element to the defense. However, I did not like the contract.  It is just unimaginable how one person can amount such a price tag.  The level of commitment to that price tag and the player were just too much.  It was common knowledge that Haynesworth would most likely not finish out the contract, and would not be due all the money that was assigned to him.  Nonetheless, what he received was still a huge sum for only one season’s worth of game time, not to mention the amount of time he missed.

Now, it appears that the Redskins want to get rid of him somehow. It was reported that he and Laron Landry were offered in exchange for Donovan McNabb.  The Eagles decided to take the draft pick instead.  Now the Redskins are stuck with a malcontented mammoth of a man.

What to do with him?

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As the Skins look to rid themselves of Haynesworth, he just recieved a huge bonus. Now, his contract is somewhat more reasonable and a trade possibility is not far fetched.

With the Redskins paying defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth a $21 million bonus last week, we’re told that the practical length and value of his contract is three years, $16 million, with $9 million guaranteed.

As a league source opined, “Every team in the NFL would have interest in that.”

Of all the teams in the league that would be interested in him, the most likely destination that is discussed is his former team: the Tennessee Titans.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, who is about as clued in to his team as any beat writer, breaks down what the Titans would give up for their former defensive tackle.

The Titans would not be willing to part with their first-round pick.  They don’t have a second-round pick, but would be willing to give up a third-rounder for Haynesworth.

I would watch this situation closely.  Although, as much as I think it would be wise to rid the Skins of Haynesworth, the return is rather lousy as compared to what has depreciated.  Its bad market, and a good product with a bad attitude.  What are you going to do?

There is also the notion that Hayneworth could return to the Skins and be a good teammate.  Yeah right!  But that is what Lorenzo Alexander thinks:

“But we’re talking more about the whole attitude thing toward this new season, and just coming out and just being more of a team player. I know he has issues with the coaching staff, but I just really want him to just come around and be a good teammate. I mean, that’s really what everybody wants, is being a good teammate, and just forgetting about 3-4, 4-3. Just go out here, lets play football and get some Ws and win some games.”

Wouldn’t that be something? Haynesworth sucking it up, and playing hard for the organization that has made him richer that several small cities all over this country? Haynesworth obviously thinks of himself as a great player.  That is why I don’t understand his desire to not play in the 3-4, either as a nose tackle or defensive end. Whatever the case may be, I always thought the greatest athletes adapted to the situations that gave them the greatest degree of difficulty.  If all this is a macho outlet for him to declare that playing in the 3-4 is something he cannot do; its just like buying a mansion for a $100 million dollars only to find out the beams holding it up are toothpicks.  The season hasn’t started and we have already seen Haynesworth crumble in the face of pressure.

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