Commanders news: Dan Quinn, Josh Harris, Drake Maye and penny-pinching

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Dan Quinn
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Commanders' penny-pinching in free agency

Much has been made about the wealth of resources at the Washington Commanders' disposal this offseason. General manager Adam Peters has plenty of draft capital to strengthen problem position groups and hopefully solve the team's quarterback complications. He also has $82.26 million in available salary-cap space for free agents and contract extensions.

This is leading fans to have grand ambitions about a quick fix through high-profile acquisitions. Peters poured cold water on a potential spending spree in Year 1 of his tenure. This is going to be a methodical approach with smart decisions that don't jeopardize their chances of long-term growth based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"There are a lot of holes we need to fill, but we will always build through the draft and supplement through free agency. This year, it won’t be a big spending spree; we’re not going to go out and blow all that money in year one. We’re going to build a competitive team with the right types of guys, then have a great draft after that. We will find the types of players we want to build our team, supplement them with people that can really make us very competitive this year, and then draft really well to build competitive team."

Adam Peters via USA Today Sports

This is the sensible approach and in keeping with traditional methods of success. After so many big names came into the Commanders on contracts they didn't deserve during Dan Snyder's ownership, it represents a necessary and refreshing change of pace.