Commanders key numbers: Losing streak continues while draft position improves

Seven straight losses. One more game and it will all be over...

Ron Rivera
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The Bad: Directionless offense and bad defense

14: In the San Francisco 49ers' four losses this season, the opposing team ran the ball an average of 27 times. The Washington Commanders - on the other hand - only had 14 total carries all game in what has become a recurring trend in an Eric Bieniemy-led offense.

This has nothing to do with the score either. If you look at the Miami Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens game, Mike McDaniel ran the ball more in the second half than the first, despite already being down 28-13.

The over-reliance on the passing game made the Commanders one-dimensional. It also put way too much pressure on Sam Howell.

20: Outside of the one long drive in the second half that ended with an interception in the red zone, Washington had 20 total yards of offense on their other four drives. That's unacceptable and shows a total lack of imagination in the play-calling. This is more than a Howell issue.

13: After having a bad game, there is nothing more refreshing than playing the Commanders' defense. They allowed 13 big plays against the Niners, giving up runs of 10 (2), 11, 13 (2), 15, and 17 yards, and passes of 16, 17 (2), 18, 22 and 38 yards. After a four-interception game against the Ravens, Brock Purdy bounced back with 230 passing yards and two touchdowns.

The only number left that matters to Commanders' fans is 1.

We are one game away from this season being over. One game away from the Ron Rivera "culture-changing" era ending. One game away from having a new coaching staff and a new general manager making the decisions. One game away from a brighter future...hopefully.

Happy New Year, here's to 2024.