4 big problems the Commanders must fix heading into Week 3 vs. Bills

It hasn't all been perfect for the Commanders so far.

Ron Rivera
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Commanders conceding big plays

Jack Del Rio likes to run a bend-don't-break defense. The Washington Commanders are heavily reliant on their defensive front and although improvements have been made to their secondary, the same problem remains.

The Commanders give up too many big plays downfield. When quarterback Russell Wilson got time in the pocket - especially in the first half - he was able to generate chunk plays almost at will, which is a concern heading into a pivotal matchup against perennial Pro Bowl quarterback Josh Allen this weekend.

Fortunately for the Commanders, the personnel is much improved to inspire confidence this can get better. Emmanuel Forbes has had some mixed efforts so far, but he's got his first regular-season interception and boasts enough speed to go downfield with almost any wide receiver with a little more experience.

Del Rio also has to find better ways of ensuring safety help arrives with more effectiveness. Safety tandem Kamren Curl and Darrick Forrest have the talent, it's more to do with backend positioning that represents a concern on occasion.

Allen and the Buffalo Bills offense will know full well after watching Washington's tape that this is a potential area of exploitation. The likes of Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis will be salivating at the prospect of going up against the Commanders' secondary, which is a challenge they must be ready for.