3 underrated second-level free agents the Commanders should sign in 2023

(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Nicholas Morrow
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Nicholas Morrow /
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(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Nicholas Morrow /

Commanders could sign Nicholas Morrow (LB)

As much as I’d like to tell you that “Morrow” is the anglicized form of “Moreau,” it is not.

Nonetheless, I wanted the Washington Commanders to sign Nicholas Morrow last year to fill the hole at weakside linebacker. He was a good coverage guy for the Las Vegas Raiders who played a lot like Kevin Pierre-Louis. Maybe that’s why the Chicago Bears signed him in 2022.

Morrow had a mediocre season last year. He wasn’t terrible by any means, but he didn’t really step up either.

If he were to join the Commanders, Morrow would immediately slot in just behind new free agent Cody Barton as the third-best linebacker on the roster. And he could play the buffalo nickel spot as well.

Morrow is a tweener, and that has limited his ceiling in the NFL. He has been an undersized linebacker. He may well be a half-step slow to be a regular safety. But the fact that he has lasted six years in the NFL is a testament to the fact the man can make plays.

The one-time Greenville stud reminds me a lot of Jeremy Reaves, another Commander who doesn’t fit a classic position but who simply performs when he is on the field.  You are not going to win championships with a roster full of Nicholas Morrows. But you’re not going to win championships without a couple of them on your team.

I tried – I really tried – to find a free-agent offensive lineman named either Moreau or Morrow. The closest I came was Thomas Morstead.

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