Washington Football Team: 4 takeaways from Week 3 against Buffalo

Washington vs Bills (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)
Washington vs Bills (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images) /
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3. Taylor Heinicke disappoints

The most important position in football, something that we all talk about no matter who wins and loses. Quarterback, rightfully so, is everyone’s hot topic no matter the outcome of a game.

To put it simply, yesterday’s performance from the WFT signal-caller was at best, below average. And for Washington, they need significantly better quarterback play from Taylor Heinicke.

The performance from Heinicke was a tale that everyone has heard before. What makes him great, can also be his downfall, as he continuously tries to do too much and force the issue. Throwing two interceptions, both of which came against a four-man rush, both were pitch and catch throws to the DB, is inexcusable.

We understand that quarterbacks aren’t going to play the perfect game, but the interceptions Heinicke threw against Buffalo were terrible decisions followed by even worse execution. Whether it’s a lack of velocity, not trusting in his ability, or overcompensation for something that isn’t there, Heinicke looked all of what a backup QB should look like. Outside of scoring on a 78-yard screen pass on a drive that began deep inside Bills territory, the Washington offense was abysmal vs the Bills.

It wasn’t due to poor pass-blocking from the Washington offensive line. Heinicke struggled to make accurate and quick decisions, failed to trust in his legs, and forced the issue at the wrong times. He ended up completing only 58% of his throws, followed by three turnover-worthy plays. While Washington shouldn’t abort the mission with No. 4 under center, you now know what the worst of Heinicke looks like.

Essentially, it’s replacement level QB play. Luckily for him, there is plenty of time to bounce back and string together a few good weeks before Ryan Fitzpatrick comes back and Washington has to make a decision. But as for Sunday, Heinicke‘s performance was as bad as the numbers show.