Washington Football Team: Three scenarios to land a quarterback

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North Dakota State QB Trey Lance. (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)

As we approach the 2021 NFL Draft, some things begin to come into focus for the Washington Football Team. But an awful lot is as murky as ever.

The quarterback situation is a perfect example. In recent days, two teams scheduled to pick ahead of Washington, and in need of a quarterback, pulled the trigger on trades.

San Francisco moved up in the draft, which will allow them to select whichever quarterback not named Lawrence or Wilson that they prefer. Carolina has acquired Sam Darnold, and seem prepared to roll with the former No. 3 overall pick.

That all but removes one team from the QB sweepstakes, and clarifies the other’s intentions. There now appear to be five quarterbacks who will be drafted in the first round. None project to fall as far as 19, where the Washington Football Team is picking. But it is entirely possible that one will drop out of the top 10.

If that were to happen, which quarterback would you want? And how much would you give up get him? (This little exercise assumes that you magically transform into general manager Martin Mayhew on draft day, in sort of a Being John Malkovich kind of way.)

I’ll lay out three scenarios and three options for each. You take it from there.

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