Redskins: The firing of Marty Schottenheimer, the greatest mistake of the Dan Snyder era

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4 Jan 2001: New head coach Marty Schottenheimer of the Washington Redskins talks to the media as team owner Daniel Snyder (left) looks on during a press conference to announce the signing of Schottenheimer’s four-year ten million dollar contract at Redskin Park in Ashburn, Virginia. DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Nick Wass/ALLSPORT

Dan Snyder has made some major mistakes in his time as the owner of the Washington Redskins. The firing of Marty Schottenheimer might have been the biggest.

When attempting to make a list of the mistakes that Daniel Snyder has made as owner of the Washington Redskins, that list would be longer than the one you make when going grocery shopping for the first time in a month.

But, out of all those mistakes, letting Marty Schottenheimer go after just one season was arguably his biggest. We’ll take a quick look at both the hiring and firing of coach Schottenheimer as well as his legacy.

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