GM Bruce Allen now in control of Redskins Personnel Decisions

Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On major change that has taken place in the aftermath of the Redskins firing of Mike Shanahan is that General Manager Bruce Allen will now be in control of the team’s personnel decisions.  Previously Shanahan had the final say in personnel matters, but it seems moving forward the team will not grant the new head coach the same powers that Shanahan had.

And I think this is a good move.  It’s rare where you see a head coach who also doubles as a GM and it actually works.  I remember the Bill Parcells analogy of a head coach wanting to shop for the groceries.  But even Parcells didn’t win a Super Bowl after he was given such authority to have final say over personnel.

Allen stated that the Redskins personnel department will stay largely intact, with director of player personnel Scott Campbell, and director of pro personnel Morocco Brown assuming bigger roles in the process.  I’m sure the new head coach will have some input in personnel decisions, but not the final say like Shanahan had.

Allen made the point that not only was the coaching staff 3-13, but the entire team was 3-13 including the front office.  However, it’s telling that while the coaching staff is being replaced, the front office personnel are not.  Which means that owner Daniel Snyder is comfortable with his front office staff in a way he wasn’t with Shanahan.

Bruce Allen served as General Manager of the Tampa Buccaneers before coming to the Redskins and was mostly successful during that stint working with head coach John Gruden.  And now that there will be a clear separation of powers between coaching and personnel, it will be interesting to see how that works in contrast to before.

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