Samuels Solutions

You all heard about the Samuels injury, I’m sure.  I didn’t cover it right away because I didn’t think it was a big deal.  If anything I thought it might keep him fresh for the regular season.  Then I read this interesting sentence in a Washington Post piece, “The urge to use Wade to protect Campbell’s blind side could become greater as preseason games approach, and so far the other experienced reserve tackle in camp, Fabini (a 10-year veteran) has been ineffective, although ample time remains.”

The truth is I don’t see why they didn’t immediately move Wade out to the left side.  The reason according to Redskins.comis that they wanted to give him as many reps at his new position as possible. Fair enough, but basically that means that for four preseason games Jason Campbell’s health will be directly related to the play of Jason Fabini and Stephon Heyer.

The Times and The Post both reported that Heyer was playing with the first string much of the day without reporting how well he played. But the Post also quoted a team source as saying, “that they would be floored if Heyer actually manned such a vital position in a preseason game.” In other words, Fabini is our guy against the Titans, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Jacksonville in the preseason.  Those are some pretty good defenses and even if Campbell manages to stay healthy, will he be able to build any sort of confidence when he’s constantly running for his life?

I’m a bit worried now.  How about you?  Comment below.