The Top 32 Redskins of 2014: No. 26-24

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Here is a list counting down the Top 32 Washington Redskins of 2014 – Numbers 26-24

26.  Chris Chesterright guard

Age 31, 6-3, 309 pounds

Analysis: Chris Chester has been the Redskins starter at right guard since 2011.  He’s fit in well with the zone read running attack that the Redskins have employed since then, as he very agile and uses his leverage well.  However, last season Chester’s liabilities as a pass blocker brought his presence into question.  As he noticeably had problems trying to block big defensive linemen.  Considering that new Redskins head coach Jay Gruden likes bigger offensive linemen and a priority will be placed on protecting Robert Griffin III, then Chester will need to improve as a pass blocker to keep his starting job.


Dec 16, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Washington Redskins guard Chris Chester (66) against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Redskins won 38-21. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Adam Banig

    I’m very interested to see if Chester can rebound from last years disappointment. I saw an analysis of him, and it actually didn’t come out as bad as I thought it would.

    One thing to make note of is how RG3 didn’t make quick decisions last year and didn’t have the same mobility he had in 2012.

    This, really affected the interior of our OL on pass blocking. If you watch the film, it was only vs Pro Bowl DT’s that they had problems like Hatcher & Tuck. Well Hatcher plays for us and Tuck plays for the Raiders now, so that’s a positive for our interior OL.

    I can’t predict Chester will rebound and pass block better, but it wouldn’t shock me that he shows up bigger and stronger in 2014, as will Kory L & Gettis. If these 3 are bigger and stronger, then they should make the team and Chester has a good chance of remaining a starter, as does Kory L as a

    In the end it really all comes down to how RG3 has developed at reading defense and how much of his mobility is back after last year. If Rg3 is better, the OL (especially the interior OL) won’t give up as many sacks.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      Yes, Hatcher and Tuck are gone, but there will be others who will step up. I agree that other things need to happen to improve pass protection than just improvement from the linemen, but there are going to be games when the interior O-line will need to hold on to their blocks better as well. It can’t all be on RGIII, because the team will be passing more than the past few seasons.

      • Adam Banig

        Yep, I 100% agree. I was just laying out those two factors as well. We could see our interior OL look better even if Chester & Kory L are starting in 2014 based off of those two things and them getting bigger and stronger this offseason

        • Maurice Barksdale

          I hope they do improve. However, I’m still glad there will be other options to turn to in case they don’t. Especially in Chester’s case.